Friday, January 05, 2007

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Complains, "Iraq, Iraq, Iraq! All People Want To Do Is Talk About Iraq! Where Has All The 06' Love Gone?"

2006 was a great year for the Democrats. The Party, united in its hatred of all things Bush, rode the President and his handling of the Iraq War to a majority in both Chambers of Congress.

But, as good as the 06' campaign talking points were for the Democrats - "A new direction in Iraq!" and "I will hold the President accountable!" - 06's talking points are having a tough time carrying over to the 07' majority.

Much to the dismay of voters who voted in the Anti-War Establishment freshman class of the 110th Congress.

Hey, it's a lot tougher to govern than it is to throw bombs on the campaign trail.

And, what does a freshman majority do when it starts to get tough in the governing arena? They wait two full hours after being sworn in to start backing off their campaign promises.

Two hours.

Two hours after Steny Hoyer officially took over as House Majority Leader he sat down with NPR's Rober Siegal to chat about the War in Iraq (among a few other things).

The audio of the interview can be found here:

Warning: The Following Contains Language That May Be Unsuitable For Anyone Who Thought That This Congress Will Be Any Different Than The Last When It Comes To Dealing With The Iraq War

Siegel: What message about Iraq does the new Congress take from the election?

Hoyer (dodging): The complexity of Iraq and the fact that the President is the Commander-In-Chief and in charge of the administration of the armed forces and could veto any legislation are all significant factors in dealing with the Iraq issue.

Clacker: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Steny! "Complexity"? "Significant factors"? But you promised us a new way forward. It all sounded so simple two months ago!

Next question:

Siegel: Should we expect the House to use its power of the purse over the War in Iraq?

Hoyer (really dodging): Clearly you are going to see the House, in the near term, exercise its oversight. Murtha and Skelton are going to hold hearings. The Iraq War is the worst execution of foreign policy in my lifetime.

Clacker: No shit? In your lifetime? Tell us something we don't know Steny.

And these hearings the House Democrats keep talking about? We already had them. They were called the Iraq Study Group - a well-funded, bi-partisan group of foreign policy Wise Men who did there level best to show the American public that there are no good options in Iraq.

The only thing that Skelton and Murtha are going to dig up is that Bush is a moron and that lots of people are guilty of war profiteering.

Again, no shit.

Steny, you're in the majority now. Embarrass the President. Prove that Haliburton is disgusting. Fine. But the war is still raging and you made promises to the American public.

The truth is if you are against putting more troops in and you are against cutting off funding for the entire war effort than you are in favor of staying the course.

It's the truth even if you are in the majority party.

Steny better get some new talking points.