Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice...

Maybe our Snarky headline about Rudy Giuliani's decision to appoint the 80-year old father of indicted South Carolina treasurer Thomas Ravenel to be his new campaign co-chairman in the early voting state is a bit much.

We have a rather large extended family. And should the sins of one family member mark the clean record of another family member?

Probably not. Usually.

But the Ravenel case strikes us as a bit different.

First, we're not talking about managing the family dry cleaning business in Cleveland. This is a white-hot Presidential race where pretty much everything (and everyone) is fair game. For better and worse.

Second, what ever happened to "taking a breather"? Tom Ravenel was indicted by a federal grand jury for cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

That's a big deal.

But now Tom's father, Arthur, is jumping into the high-profile Giuliani campaign post that his son just resigned.

Why would the Giuliani campaign want Arthur there?

And why would Arthur want to continue to allow a huge spotlight to shine, day in and day out, on the Ravenel family during this difficult time?

Talk about cannibalizing your young.

This does not strike us as a very good decision by either the Giuliani campaign or Arthur Ravenel.

We're just saying.