Monday, December 17, 2007

Absolute. Total. Bullsh*t. (UPDATED)

The AP headline reads: "Romney's Eyes Fill With Tears As He Envisions A Son Dying In Iraq"

GMP1's headline reads: "Romney Doesn't Have To Worry About Any Of His 5 Sons Dying In Iraq Because They Slumber Peacefully On 500 Thread Count Civilian Sheets Every Night"

The guy is absolutely shameless.

And this isn't even his first ride at this particular rodeo.

We have one question for Team Romney staffers - How. Do. You. Work. For. This. Guy?

And unless your answer is "My kids would starve otherwise", you need to take a good long look at what you're doing.

And who you're working for.

And have a little self-respect.

We're just saying.


(UPDATED) A blogger that we respect wrote in with some constructive criticism of this post.

His wrote that we are taking a "cheap shot" at a legitimate attempt by Romney to express "empathy".

And, if this AP article had been written about any other candidate running for President, we would (probably) agree with our friend and we would have never written the post.

But this is not "any other candidate running for President", this is Mitt Romney.

And he has a long record of saying absolutely anything, and everything, in his quest to harvest votes.

And we think that this is just one more example.