Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Desperate Matt Rhoades Hits Drudge Panic Button Again & Again (UPDATED)

This is almost comical.

And while we marvel at the power of Matt Drudge - and the incredible soapbox that he has built - we do understand that Drudge has a dog in the GOP's '08 Primary fight.

Which means that you take his pro-Romney headlines with a big grain of salt.

Which means that Mr. Drudge doesn't have the media juice that he once did.

Which means that Drudge isn't driving MSM political stories the way he once was (which is where his real power always lay).

Which lessens the Florida resident's impact on Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina voters.

A lot.

We're just saying.

h/t Jon Martin for the screen grab.


(UPDATED) Turns out the DNC doesn't have any idea what Team RomDrudge is talking about.