Monday, August 21, 2006

McCain on Meet the Press

After a hiatus of several weeks, U.S. Senator John McCain returned to NBC's Meet the Press yesterday.
The Arizona Senator fielded a variety of tough questions about the Iraq War, North Korea and Iran. Specifically, McCain was asked to comment about whether President Bush has committed enough troops to Iraq and whether he believed that the Iraqi conflict has devolved into a civil war (answers: no, but its Rumsfeld's fault and no, but it could turn into a civil war soon).
The interesting thing for this blog writer is how good McCain is at answering tough questions - questions that shredded Lieberman and have put the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in play.
If I was a GOP political operative working the 06' election cycle for an incumbent I would download McCain's Q and A from Meet the Press yesterday and have my candidate parrot his answers on the Iraq war.
Hey, why re-invent the wheel when the wheel is oh so damn good already?