Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chickenhawks Unite? Romney Runs to Bush Forcing Bush To Consider Running Back To McCain/Powell/Warner

You have got to love it. Governor Mitt Romney who, along with President George Bush, spent the Vietnam War era keeping their respective ivy covered college campuses secure from attacks by "townie raids on garden parties" have united in their distrust and distaste of the Geneva Convention, which sets international standards for the treatment of wartime prisoners.

No matter that most genuine war heroes - McCain and Powell to name but two - think that President Bush is out of his mind to even attempt anything so reckless that will, they believe, put American troops at risk and undercut America's moral authority in the world.

McCain and Powell? Yeah, those two guys are REAL soft on the War on Terror. Having never served in the military myself, let alone seen real combat, I'm going to have to go with those that actually have military experience.

The conservative nut job cabal of Limbaugh/Norquist/Kristol are arguing that McCain is not a true conservative because he seems unwilling to allow America to participate in torture. These three are, of course, a very small part of a very large problem in the GOP. Namely, they have lost their goddamned minds.

Instead of questioning McCain's national security/conservative credentials these three should be questioning why the GOP favorability ratings are in the toilet nationally. The only reason the GOP has a prayer, and its not much of a prayer, of holding the House in 06 is because of the last 10 years of gerrymandering. The Republican Congress has managed something remarkable, they have alienated the social conservatives as well as the fiscal conservatives and have absolutely zilch to show for it.

Why don't you do a rant on that Rush? You fat, fear mongering bastard.

Which brings us back Romney's position on all this. Which is weaker for national security? Taking the side of the garden party set? Or taking the side of real military heroes?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mitt Romney, Born Again Pro-Lifer

Today's blogs are awash with commentary regarding the Examiner's "Meet the Next President, Mitt Romney" piece. What should one expect when one reads the article? It's Mitt on Mitt with a sympathetic reporter - its not hard to know what you're going to get. Like eating at McDonald's.

The one piece of information in the article worth noting is Governor Romney's (yes he still is the official Governor of Massachusetts even though he has spent about 17 minutes in his home state in the last 6 months) stance on abortion.

To put it another way, Governor Romney's stance on abortion is "evolving".

Full disclosure - I am a staunch pro-choice Republican. While I believe that there are very smart and well meaning folks on both sides of the abortion debate, I believe that a woman's body is between her and her doctor. Period.

Back to Governor Romney. Romney and I once felt the same way about abortion, when he was running against Teddy Kennedy in 96'. The in 2002, in his run for Governor, Mitt Romney started to say that he personally was pro-life but that he would never interfere with a woman's right to choose. Now, in 2006 and running for President, Romney is the first to admit that he is "unabashedly" pro-life.

"I'm a Born Again Pro-Lifer because I've got to win the Republican primary," said Governor Romney at a recent political function.

Well, actually, that's not a real quote. But it could be. And that pisses me off.

I am pro-choice. However, I respect Republicans who are true pro-lifers. They've staked out a position not because it is the politically correct position in a GOP primary, but because it is a position that they feel deeply and spiritually connected to. We should all respect this.

For example, Senator John McCain is a pro-life Republican not because it makes him a more viable candidate in a primary (even though it does). Senator McCain is a pro-life Republican because Senator McCain believes that it is the right side of the issue to be on. Period.

I respect true believers even when I disagree with them. Governor Romney might want to take a moment and sit at the knee of Senator McCain. And learn.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Senator Frist Learns Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Last night I was invited, and accepted, an invitation to attend the Seacoast Federation of Republican Woman's (SFRW) annual Chili Feast in New Hampshire. For those of you who don't know, the SFRW, which started quite humbly just a few years ago, has grown into a powerhouse in New Hampshire Republican politics. Which, as everyone must know, makes the SFRW a national political force.

Which is why both Mitt Romney and U.S. Senator McCain had staff at the event who were delivering checks to various candidates for state office and flirting with all the guests. Now, Romney and McCain's staffs were not their campaigning for a potential presidential run. Oh good God no. The Governor of Massachusetts and the Senator from Arizona's staffs were there because both McCain and Romney are "so concerned that New Hampshire state races go the GOP's way".

Their concerns are duly noted and touching.

The rest of the evening's chili feast was what you would expect - Chili, GOP leaders from all levels in NH and their GOP faithful. The message of the night was "get out the vote!". It seems that the NH GOP has had trouble drumming up "exciting" Republican candidates and the Democrats are hoping to capitalize on the GOP base's apathy at the voting booth in November.

U.S. Senator John Sununu was the highest ranking politician to attend. And, he gave a good speech that was warmly received.

The problem was, Senator Sununu was not supposed to be the star attraction of the show. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was. Senator Frist, without an explanation, didn't show up.

The good doctor, who is considering a presidential run, managed to jilt not just one lady, but several hundred. Several hundred women who hold the keys to his political future in NH.


Leaving the event that night I heard one nice little old lady remark to another nice little old lady, "I wonder where Senator Frist was tonight? He was supposed to be here."

To which her friend replied, "I wonder if he is making a statement the he doesn't believe that 'New Hampshire should be first in the nation'."

Those are not good Frist 08' talking points ah?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

McCain locks up Michigan, Sets His Sights on Vermont

With some 06' mid-term primary election votes not yet even cast, U.S. Senator John McCain's 08' "there is no campaign, presidential campaign" rolls on. And oh how it rolls!

Word came today that 10 Michigan state senators have joined Straight Talk America to advise Senator McCain regarding all things "Wolverine". Well, that and how JSM can kick some serious Romney ass in about a year and a half.

Jim Nicholson and the rest of Michigan Straight Talk boys move quick. They have locked up no less than 10 of 22 of the state's Republican senators. Way to go Jim!

In fact, John Weaver and Mike Dennehy, Senator McCain's political brain trust, are rumored to be so pleased about the way that JSM's 50 state campaign operation is shaping up that they have allowed McCain an overnight campaign swing through the presidential juggernaut state of... Vermont!

That's right. Senator McCain will be stumping for Vermont's 3 electoral votes when he hosts the Vermont GOP state dinner September 17th. But, instead of jetting out immediately, McCain will spend the night in scenic downtown Burlington, far from the hussle and bussle of the presidential trail.

Only true presidential front runners have the luxury of being able to overnight in Vermont. So far, only Republican hopeful McCain is booked to overnight in the mountain air.