Thursday, September 07, 2006

McCain locks up Michigan, Sets His Sights on Vermont

With some 06' mid-term primary election votes not yet even cast, U.S. Senator John McCain's 08' "there is no campaign, presidential campaign" rolls on. And oh how it rolls!

Word came today that 10 Michigan state senators have joined Straight Talk America to advise Senator McCain regarding all things "Wolverine". Well, that and how JSM can kick some serious Romney ass in about a year and a half.

Jim Nicholson and the rest of Michigan Straight Talk boys move quick. They have locked up no less than 10 of 22 of the state's Republican senators. Way to go Jim!

In fact, John Weaver and Mike Dennehy, Senator McCain's political brain trust, are rumored to be so pleased about the way that JSM's 50 state campaign operation is shaping up that they have allowed McCain an overnight campaign swing through the presidential juggernaut state of... Vermont!

That's right. Senator McCain will be stumping for Vermont's 3 electoral votes when he hosts the Vermont GOP state dinner September 17th. But, instead of jetting out immediately, McCain will spend the night in scenic downtown Burlington, far from the hussle and bussle of the presidential trail.

Only true presidential front runners have the luxury of being able to overnight in Vermont. So far, only Republican hopeful McCain is booked to overnight in the mountain air.