Friday, August 31, 2007

"What We Have Here Is A Total Lack Of Respect For The Law"

We sure do Mr. Gleason.

Mitt Romney's motorcade is up to it again.

Flashing lights. Stopped traffic. Rates of speed that would make Jay Garrity blush (if he were still part of Team Romney).

The AP has the story from South Carolina. With a nice "no comment" from Sheriff Jason Booth.

For a private citizen - which Mitt-Flop certainly is - it sounds like Willard will have no trouble taking his place on Washington's Subcommittee of Self Importance.

Because it sounds like he already has.

Change candidate our dairyaire.

What Alex Gage Should Have Said

Mitt Romney continues to build up his media team.

The Fix has all the details, including quotes from Romney media team leader, Alex Gage.

GreenMountainPolitics1 is hardly "anti-consultant" (notice that The Fix makes the same disclaimer at the bottom of their article).

We just happen to be "anti-moron".

Which, according to just about everyone we have talked to, does not seem to be an affliction that Romney's media team suffers from.

However, if Alex Gage was being honest with us about the reasons Mitt needs such a large media team, he would not have said (per The Fix):

"This is a new environment where the demand for video content is huge," said Gage, who noted that the team is producing the equivalent of a television show every three days for "Mitt TV."
Gage would have instead said (per our overactive imagination):

We got to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Cause Mitt's all sizzle and no steak.

On The Friday Of Labor Day Weekend

The only people working are NH campaign staff and the press that cover them.

So we thought we would break with tradition and give our hardworking friends a little rock and roll.

Lord knows, everyone can use it.

So turn this racket up.

Turn it up loud.

Cause you gotta fight...


Bill Clinton is coming back to New Hampshire this weekend to join his wife for a little politicking.

Some of our very first campaign memories are from Bubba's magical '92 run.

The way he made folks around us scream and gnash their teeth.

As the good ol' boy from Nowhere, Arkansas thumped the (way out to lunch) GOP establishment at their own game.

Thumped them hard. Thumped them long.

We can't help but love Bill Clinton in spite of ourselves.

Bringing The Friday Funny (again)

One of the greatest bathroom comedies of all time.

And, since the theme of the week is "bathroom", who can resist?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Team Richardson Is Handing Out At NH Events

Richardson finally made it onto a baseball card.


McCain Releases Bio Video Titled "Courageous Service"

The Concord Monitor has the MSM write-up.

There is nothing more to say.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Uh-Oh, Now The UL Editorial Board Is Getting Pissy

"Not-so-fast Freddy" is the title of the UL's missive.

As in Freddy Thompson.

And, though we're writing about Thompson for the 2nd time in as many days (we can't believe it either), we're betting that the UL (and everyone else) is going to get a lot more pissy at Thompson before this is all over.

We're just saying.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mr. Wide Stance

So incredibly stupid.

And sad.

Fred Thompson - Martin Wrote It, Ambinder Commented & Now We Can't Help Ourselves

Jon Martin writes up Fred Thompson's clusterf*ck of a campaign launch.

Which leads Ambinder to comment, "It's not that Fred Thompson answers every question about everything with folksy avunculerisms, it's that he just doesn't seem to be aware - or care - about his supporters anxieties."

To which GreenMountainPolitics1 piles on with - Thompson, all hat and no cattle.

Noted: Yes, every once in a very long while we break the self-imposed "No Thompson Posting" rule.

Is Everyone Out To Lunch?

Taken Sunday in Texas as Gonzo went gonzo. H/T AP.

And we're so glad that the Democratic Congress looks like it is going continue spending its time investigating the now departed Gonzales.

And Rove.

Because the Congress has nothing better to do (note: How's the House's first 100 hours agenda coming? How about changing the course in Iraq? Or health care? Or energy?).

Translation: Shut-up Leahy and Schumer, you old gasbags.

We get it. You two are the senior Members on the Subcommittee of Self-Importance. We get it.

Which brings us back, as always, to poll numbers.

Which are in the toilet for both the Bush White House and the Democratic Congress.

What doesn't Washington understand?

Monday, August 27, 2007


Gang of 500 members currently pontificating on the "state of the Democratic race" from their summer home on Nantucket or from their downtown offices inside-the-beltway might, just might, want to look at what John Edwards is up to in New Hampshire.

You know, on the actual "campaign trail".

Because Senator Edwards has begun "living in" the Granite State, which the New Hampshire Primary process Gods have absolutely taken Note of.

The same process Gods who note the large and fairly enthusiastic crowds Edwards drew during his recent 4-day campaign swing through the state (1000+ in Portsmouth on the final day). And the 16 gazillion paid staffers Edwards has in New Hampshire.

That stuff counts.

Meanwhile, Edwards is stumping with partisan but substantive rhetoric that is to the left of Hillary and Obama. On healthcare. On the war. On energy. Which doesn't necessarily preclude you from snatching up NH independents, and it guarantees you a "good honest look" by the Democratic base.

Which is the group you really want in a Primary fight. Even in New Hampshire.

Finally, no matter how hard Mark Penn spins and dances, look for Edwards (and everyone but Hillary) to talk "electoral electability" more and more.

A conversation already at a private boil within the Democratic Party. Especially in New Hampshire.

So can Edwards beat Clinton in New Hampshire?


Hillary Clinton is as smart, tough and cagey as they come. And so is her staff.

But Edwards unabashed commitment to New Hampshire could, and should, pay off in a state where primary voters expect to meet every candidate 26 times and who change their mind on those candidates 3,249 times before election day (meaning that there are still 1,329 candidate changes to go).

Finally, and we feel that we must absolutely positively bring this up, it doesn't hurt that Edwards sat down Sunday afternoon with a humble NH blogger to take some questions.

Noted: As always, we try to ask questions that we don't hear a lot on the campaign trail. Sometimes we're more successful than others. Some venues work better than others. We're learning. We've only been at this a couple of months.

Noted 2: As always, we run our interviews in their entirety with no (extra) commentary.

Noted 3: Yeah, we know we look "heavy". It's the camera angle. Snark.

Finally, thank you to Mrs. Edwards for graciously offering to hold the camera (We still need a tri-pod. When we shot Dodd we had our camera stacked on trash cans).

Oh bloggers.

Rock & Roll Monday

We just received a email from a campaign field staffer asking (demanding!), "where is rock and roll Monday?"

Emails? From field staffers not cleared to talk to the press?


And so does this clip.

This one is for you.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Back From DC Just In Time To Catch The Bus

We're back in New Hampshire (or we will be tonight).

Just in time to catch the final leg of John Edwards bus tour on Sunday.

"Senator, Senator, we have a question!"

You bet we do. Several. And we've been told by Team Edwards that the good Senator can't wait to hear them.

Of course, we're smart enough to wait for the bus to start rolling before we open our mouth.

(H/T to BlueNC for the great Edwards mashup above)

Paging Rob Portman (All Credit For Title And Story To Politico's Mike Allen)

Mike Allen had it all first.

But Mike's headline is so good, we're tingling all over.

We just had to use it.

Because we absolutely love Rob Portman (disclosure alert: we worked for Rob when we were in college).

And we think Rob could really help the GOP re-build in Ohio.

Bringing The Friday Funny (again)

Chris Rock is about as talented as they come.

He understands, intimately, the culture in which we all live.

Which is how Rock pulls off humor like this.

Knowing full well that we'll all be laughing so hard that we're crying.

But in a good way.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Real Problem With Rudy

For one (very brief) moment let's put aside that fact that we've had a lot of fun at Hiz Honor's expense on this blog.

And let's be serious.

Because this week Time Magazine absolutely positively (with triple exclamation points!) reports the "real" problem of a Giuliani Presidency:
Giuliani's penchant for secrecy, his tendency to value loyalty over merit and his hyperbolic rhetoric are exactly the kinds of instincts that counterterrorism experts say the U.S. can least afford right now.
"Exactly the kinds of instincts that counterterrorism experts say the U.S. can least afford right now."

The Gang of 500 would be wise to remember this the next time Hiz Honor gives (yet another) variation of the following speech on how he ("she" in this particular clip) would use the Office of the President to keep "order" in the world:

We Like Al Franken As Much As The Next Guy...

But Al is running for the Senate.

The U.S. Senate.

Shouldn't that job mean more to Minnesotans than a guy who played a retarded Amtrak baggage handler in the 1980s Eddie Murphy flick Trading Places can produce?

Good God we hope so.

Obama Does Stewart

Oh, we love that headline.

Crib Note: It's a little silly to critique a pol's appearance on a comedy talk show (actually, it's a little silly to critique a pol's appearance on any talk show), however we think that Obama did a good job last night.

For whatever that's worth.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

White House Manual On "Deterring Potential Protesters"

On the same day that a WaPo article sorted out the lengths that White House staffers go through to keep Bush in a bubble and protect his image (sense of reality?), CNN's John King weighs in on why Bush has yet to travel to the (our) great state of Vermont as President.

We can answer King's question.

Start with "deterring potential protesters", remove the word "potential" and you are left with - "What are Vermont voters, Alex."


Romney On Abortion - "F This Sh*t!"

Our head hurts.

No snark.

Teddy Davis of ABC News has the Romney's latest flip-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop-flip on abortion.

We expect that our friend Mark Halperin is right now drafting a chapter for The Way To Win 2012 titled, "Splish-Splash, Mitt Was Taking A Bath!"

Honestly Mitt, stop.

This isn't fun anymore.

Advice For NH's Young Blogging Turks - aka Answering Several Emails With One Post

As the Primary inches (rockets) closer, we've begun to get emails from people asking "how can I do what you are doing?"

Our answer, you don't want to, really.

But if you did, really, want to do what we're doing, we suggest you mimic those who really know what they're doing out on the Trail.

And we're not talking about us. Good heavens to daisies, no.

Noted: Anyone can set up a blog. A blog is a free utility. It's not a "end result".

Because it's the content that counts. Always.

So, our advice to our email "friends" is learn how to get "content".

And, while he hardly agree with everything that the Boston Globe's James Pindell and the AP's Phil Elliott clack about, there is no question that these two MSMers are (usually) the deepest in conversation with all levels of NH's campaign staff when we spot them on the Trail.

All levels.

Which is where the content is. And Pindell and Elliott know it.

And by watching those two we learned it.

So, to all future bloggers of the New Hampshire Primary we say, "Get out of the basement. Get out on the Trail. Go to events. Stick out your hand and say, 'Hi, I'm so and so. I'm a blogger. What's happening?'"

You'll be amazed at what happens.

The world has changed and "anyone" may have a seat at the table.

If the content is right.

As always, we're just saying.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whither The Dollar?

We post this with "stay in your lane, Clacker" ringing in our ears.

Global economics is not our strong suit. Just a hobby.

But we're smart enough to know that people smarter than us are concerned about the state of the U.S./World economy.

Genuinely concerned.

Hat Tip to one of the smartest guys we know for shooting along the article. You know who you are.

And these smart folks are unconvinced that we're anywhere near out of the woods yet.

Crib Note: Foreign investors (who America needs to fund our outrageous debt level) got burned in the latest market correction. These foreign investors believe that the value of the dollar is now "shit", and will not pour more money into American markets at this time. Which will force the Fed to raise interest rates to convince foreign investors that the dollar is not "shit". Which will have a ripple effect across everything. Including the 2008 Presidential Race.

Stay in your lane, Clacker.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Is Rudy Giuliani About To Be Thrown Out At Home?

No, the title does not refer to a bad joke about Rudy's family (but the fact that we had to make that clear shows just how deep that narrative has settled).

The title refers to baseball. As in the Yankees.

Because it seems to us that Hiz Honor is slowly, but surely, being "John Kerry'd" on the issue of his 9/11 "leadership".

And the jury is still out (wayyyyyyy out) on whether or not Rudy was as much of a "hero" during the attacks of 9/11 as Kerry was during the War in Vietnam.

Which means that Rudy's communication team is still "sorting out" their margin for error with the voters.

And it's only August of 2007.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Back To DC For The Week

For interviews, meet and greets and "stuff".

Don't worry, we'll be posting from the road and we will return to the Granite State by this upcoming weekend.

If anyone would like to catch a beer (or coffee) with us while we're in DC please drop a email.

We're staying in the Palisades neighborhood. But downtown is, well, it's right downtown. And easy to get to.

Noted: We don't "do" the Georgetown scene. Ever. Because the only social gatherings in Georgetown that we would be interested in attending wouldn't let us through the door. Ever.

The State Newspaper Asks "How Do You Pitch To A Hero?"

The State's Brad Warthen about sums up our feelings on John McCain.

So how do you pitch to hero?

Anyway you like.

Because heroes can take it.

It's what they do.

McCain's No Surrender Tour

John McCain announced on a blogger conference call this morning that he will embark on a "No Surrender Tour" to drum up public support for David Petraeus' troop surge strategy in Iraq by telling the American public that he feels that the surge is working and explaining to them the consequences of American failure in Iraq.

General Petraeus is scheduled to give a Iraq Progress Report to Congress in September, which is around the time that McCain will start the No Surrender Tour.

Also, on the same call, McCain said that the number one domestic issue that voters want to talk about at his town hall meetings is health care.

But McCain admitted that the Iraq issue "dominates everything".

Rock & Roll Monday

Turn it up.

Turn it up loud.

Only 18(ish) Mondays to go.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

David Broder Joins GMP1, Warms To Huckabee's Chances (UPDATED)

Granted, Broder speaks to a slightly larger audience than we do.

While outside-the-beltway and on the ground in New Hampshire the UL's Jennifer Depaul has (some of) the details of Huck's latest Granite State trip.


(Updated) Time's Joe Klein weighs in on Broder's Huckabee column, calling it "Interesting, But Wrong".

The AP's Phil Elliott also wrote a piece last week which seems to throw water on Huckmentum in New Hampshire.

Klein/Elliott Crib Notes: Huck, a southern social/cultural conservative, will be unable to mobilize support in (newly) left-leaning and (sorta newly) white collar-leaning New Hampshire.

We disagree with Klein/Elliott's "Huckabee in New Hampshire" skepticism.

First, we "know" all about New England Republicans. GreenMountainPolitics1 is as "squishy conservative" as you will find.

We're from V-E-R-M-O-N-T for goodness sakes.

We also "know" all about Huckabee on the New Hampshire stump. We've probably spent more time watching Huck on the trail in New Hampshire than any other person save Huckabee's campaign staff and his super-volunteers.

And not once have we heard Huckabee say something about abortion or homosexuals or God or guns or the French that made our "squishy" skin crawl and made us want to vote against Huck. Not once.

And on every one of those issues, save the French, our position is the opposite of Huck's position.

We think that this says something about Huckabee's demeanor. And the chance that his southern conservative values will automatically alienate "New England Republicans".

But more importantly than Huckabee not automatically alienating New England Republicans is the fact that we think Huckabee will actually appeal to New England Republicans with his message.

To put it another way, we think that Huck will do better than "break even" with New Hampshire voters.

There is no question that in front of certain audiences in New Hampshire (at house parties in particular) Huckabee, the former Baptist Minister, talks at length about his faith and God - that "social/cultural conservative stuff" that squishes like us just don't understand (but "stuff" that a good chunk of NH GOP voters most certainly understand).

But on the "general" New Hampshire campaign trail, Huckabee is just as at ease talking about "kitchen table issues", particularly health care, taxes and America's wealth gap.

And these three issues resonate strongly with New England "everybody".

It doesn't matter if you work in an office park or a body shop, go to church on Sunday or stay home to wash your VW Bug, New Hampshire voters of all stripes pay attention when a candidate talks health care, taxes and why folks have to work so hard just to make ends meet.

And Huck's been talking about those issues - talking and talking and talking.

And, in our humble opinion, the guy sounds darn credible.

Finally, we think that it's worth mentioning (although we can't believe that this isn't self-evident already) that the only New Hampshire voters that Huck cares about are "likely GOP Primary voters".

So we're not really sure why Klein's argument against Huckabee's chances in New Hampshire includes New Hampshire being a "baby blue state, now heading towards a deeper hue".

So what? So less folks will vote in the NH GOP Primary in 2008 than did in 2000. And that means what to the GOP candidates?

Not much of anything.

Huckabee has been saying for 8 months that he is going to win the New Hampshire Primary. We haven't seen anything yet that makes us believe that he can't.

And we've seen several things that make us believe that he can.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Now Read This!

Robert Scoble (he's on the right in the picture) is the Monday Morning Clacker of the Web 2.0/Silicon Valley world (sorta).

But a lot more famous. And rich. And widely read.

His blog, Scobleizer, has become a daily must-read for us. Even though his relentless self-promotion and back patting can get a little tiresome.

Like we said, "the Monday Morning Clacker of the"...

Scoble's book, Naked Conversations, written with co-author Shel Israel (on the left in the picture) discusses the way blogs are changing the world of business.

Naked Conversations is a quick read but absolutely fascinating. The book puts into words many of the thoughts that we have developed over the last 10 months. And gives us many new ideas to think about.

Take Scoble/Israel's "Six Pillars Of Blogging":

Bloggings's Six Pillars: There are six key differences between blogging and any other communications channel. You can find any of them elsewhere. These are the Six Pillars of Blogging:

1.Publishable.Anyone can publish a blog.You can do it cheaply and post often. Each posting is instantly available worldwide.

2.Findable. Through search engines, people will find blogs by subject, by author, or both. The more you post, the more findable you become.

3.Social. The blogosphere is one big conversation. Interesting topical conversations move from site to site, linking to each other. Through blogs, people with shared interests build relationships unrestricted by geographic borders.

4.Viral. Information often spreads faster through blogs than via a newsservice. No form of viral marketing matches the speed and efficiency of a blog.

5.Syndicatable. By clicking on an icon, you can get free "home delivery" of RSS- enabled blogs into your e-mail software. RSS lets you know when a blog you subscribe to is updated, saving you search time. This process is considerably more efficient than the last- generation method of visiting one page of one web site at a time looking for changes.

6.Linkable. Because each blog can link to all others, every blogger has access to the tens of millions of people who visit the blogosphere every day.

You can find each of these elements elsewhere. None is, in itself, all that remarkable. But in final assembly, they are the benefits of the most powerful two-way Internet communications tool so far developed.

Simple writing? Yes.

Scoble and Israel aren't (really) writers. They are tech evangelists/bloggers.

And they know what the hell they are talking about.

So sit back (maybe crack a beer) and think for 5 minutes about what the "most powerful two-way Internet communications tool so far developed" really means to business, politics and every other part of everyday human life.

It means transformation. Across the board.

So read the book.

And get ready to rock and roll.

Michigan Considering Jan 15th Primary, New Hampshire Considering Primary "This Tuesday"

The Michigan story, per the AP.

When does Iowa go? 2007!

When does New Hampshire go? 2007!

We're just saying (educated guessing).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bringing The Friday Funny (again)

The ultimate (and first) "macaca" moment.

Halle Berry included.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Judd Gregg About To Endorse Mitt Romney?

Hot, bothered and idle August speculation to be sure.

But with more than a touch of "informed guessing".

Senator Gregg, a Republican, said recently that he would be making a Primary endorsement "soon". Like September or October.

Which has started (again) New Hampshire's tongues a wagging about Gregg's choice.

But we think that Gregg's choice is easy to guess - Mitt Romney.

Because Senator Gregg's right hand man is Joel Maiola.

And Joel's mother, Betty, is a co-chair for Romney's Womans Leadership Team.

Romney and Gregg are almost family. Which counts for a whole lot.

But what about the other candidates?

We think that it is unlikely that Gregg endorses McCain after McCain embarrassed Gregg's last endorsement, George Bush, in the 2000 NH Primary.

For a player like Gregg, that only leaves Thompson and Giuliani.

And no real player endorses Fred Thompson.

So that leaves Giuliani. Who hasn't worked New Hampshire as hard as Mitt Romney.

And who doesn't have "family" connections to Senator Gregg like Romney does.

Gregg endorses Romney.

We're buying that conventional wisdom.

Noted: But do Romney 2.0 and Gregg split their differences on immigration reform?

Time, as always, will tell.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another (small) Reason Why Folks Have Such A Tough Time With Dick Cheney

Immigration (updated)

We just don't understand the GOP's position on immigration.

We get the fear mongering part. We get the simpleton part. We just don't get the longterm "strategy" part.

Has anyone heard of the "Browning of America"?

Does the GOP think that being the Party of "white (old) guys" is a viable long term strategy?

We don't.

And here is a consequence of being the "white guy's" Party. The barest taste of what's to come.

And yeah, it's a big problem.


(updated) Giuliani seems to have "previously" gotten some of the points we are trying to make about immigration.

Back in the late 90s. Before he started running for the GOP nomination.

Stand-by for the "I used to feel one way about immigration. But then I saw those Towers fall and..."

Just make sure you double-check where those 9/11 hijackers came from. And how they got here.

And then ask yourself if the xenophobic language of the current GOP leadership is justified. Or if it's just stupid.

Richardson, Late To The Rove Roast, Tries To Make Up For Lost Time

This just hit our email box.



If The World Was A Diner...

Rudy Giuliani could explain in 10 seconds how he would keep everyone in line if he were President.

And, in this case, he could do it in drag. Per usual.

Noted: Some people would define "robbery" as 5% of the world's population chowing down 25% of the world's natural resources.

Of course, this former Mayor doesn't have foreign policy experience. Just foreign lobby experience.

So let's be serious, talking tough about Iran is easy. Our 10 year-old sister could do it.

Besides, "tough guys" with zero world experience are a dime a dozen.

And 2008 ain't going to be a national security election.

No matter how badly the GOP wants it to be.

And no matter what Rudy's national polls say in August of 2007.

Food for the 500's thought.

Manchester Technology Summit - Mark Your Calendars!

The City of Manchester has been very good to us.

A simple Green Mountain Boy just passing through though we are.

So we'll happily plug Manchester's (upcoming) first-ever technology summit, Tech-North, on Wednesday, September 19th, 2007.

It looks interesting.

We hope (and expect) NH news editors feel the same way.

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta... Cruising...

To re-election.

The latest American Research Group survey (300 Manchester residents/likely primary voters) shows Guinta with 63% of the vote. The "next guy" got 16%.

The survey also shows Guinta, a Republican (shh!), getting 49% of the Democrats.

In might be a Democrats world right now, but Guinta is living in it.

With hard work, good governing and political savvy.

And amnesty for all unpaid parking tickets. Right?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We cannot claim to have ever (really) met Karl Rove. Unless you count the time we almost ran him over in the MacArthur Blvd. Starbucks parking lot one Saturday morning a long time ago.

And we are quite sure that he doesn't remember us.

Which is not to say that we don't have an opinion about Mr. Rove. And his tactics. And his proteges. And his "vision(s)".

Pages and pages and PAGES of opinions. But how boring.

Especially when, in our humble opinion, everything you need to know about Rove can be summed up in three sentences.

And, fitting neatly into our world view, the insightful three sentences come compliments of John Weaver.

Via a Adam Nagourney article:

"He gets more credit and more blame than he deserves. At the end of the day, he was the head coach of the political team that won the equivalent of the Super Bowl two times is a row. But other things he did are more subjective: the kind of campaigns that were run and their impact on governing."
Everything else is for the historians. Finally.

How Did Huckabee Place Second? (Part 2)

So how did Huckabee place second in the Ames Straw Poll?

Marc Ambinder has a very good write-up of Part 1 of the answer.

We would like to add a short Part 2.

Health care.

Which Huck talks about non-stop on the stump.

Or, to put it in a way that MSM folks can appreciate, we give you a Fox & Friends appearance by GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

And Luntz's "monkeys with their dials".


NH State Senator Bob Odell & Karl Rove's Long Lost Link?

Let's go to the tape.

Of a 1972 Dan Rather report on Nixon's re-election campaign.

At 2:50ish (by the YouTube timer) a Bob Odell pops up.

At 1:40ish (by the YouTube timer) a Karl Rove pops up.

Very interesting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

"I Was Never Really For It, But I Pretended To Be For It Before I Was Against It"

Sadly, GMP1 cannot take credit for the snarky title.

That honor (and we do mean honor) belongs to U.S. News And World Report's Bonnie Erbe. Who attributed the made up quote to Mitt Romney after watching Big Love on Fox News Sunday yesterday.

Here is the (very real) transcript of the exchange between Wallace and Romney that Erbe was referring to.
WALLACE: You have come under fire for allegedly flip-flopping on the issue of abortion. You've faced questions about that, so let's talk about that today. When you were running for governor of Massachusetts back in 2002, you said — and let's put it up on the screen — "I believe women should have the right to make their own choice."

But now that you're considering a race for president, you say you're a pro-life governor who wishes the laws of the nation could reflect that view. Governor, why the change?

ROMNEY: Well, we had a major issue in Massachusetts, and it surrounded stem cell research. I spent a lot of time talking with people scientific in background as well as religious and spent a lot of time understanding when it was that as a society we needed to respect human life and came to the conclusion that it's time to be very clear on that, that when conception occurs that human life has begun.

I'm not talking about religious definitions, but scientific definitions — and that to respect human life, we have to do so from conception. And therefore, I indicated I am pro-life and will respect the rights of human life.

WALLACE: But I don't understand, Governor. I mean, the stem cell question, which often deals with the question of harvesting of eggs or fetuses to be used for stem cell — that isn't why most women get abortions. I mean, there's a division there, isn't there?

ROMNEY: Well, there is a division there, and I'm happy to talk about stem cell research.

WALLACE: Well, no, but I'm asking about abortion. I mean, the vast majority of women aren't getting an abortion so that they can sell their fetus.

ROMNEY: No, this is about when respect for life begins and when we as a society — and I believe fundamentally in a society there has to be respect for human life.

And when I ran for governor, I said very clearly I do not support abortion, I do not favor abortion, but I will maintain a moratorium on any change in the laws of Massachusetts relating to abortion.

One of the big issues in our race was whether there was going to be a reduction in the age of parental involvement in abortion from 18 to 16. I said no, no change in abortion laws. But I didn't call myself pro-life or pro-choice. But after...

WALLACE: But you did say, as I said in the quote, women should have the right to make their own choice. I guess the question I have is are you saying that you only came to the conclusion about when life begins — this has been an issue for 30 years, 40 years — in the last three years?

ROMNEY: Chris, what I'm saying is that my position has evolved and it changed from where it was before. And I said — and the time of the change came as we were involved in the discussion of stem cell research, and I said at that point I am pro-life.

I've never used either title, pro-life or pro-choice, in the past. I said I don't favor abortion. I wouldn't change the laws as governor because I believe each state should have the right to make their own choice. But I'm very firmly pro-life.

Two questions.

First, does Kevin Madden have an off-the-record laugh with reporters before he clarifies, again, his boss' "evolving" positions on the issues?

We hope so. Because you can get busy crying or you can get busying laughing. But not both.

Second, what do you think Hillary Clinton (or Obama, Edwards or even Gravel) will do to Mitt Romney's "positions" with direct mail in a general election match-up?

Shred. Him.

Clinton Up In Iowa

As we keep telling our Gang of 500 friends, "Iowa? Pffft! That's the minor leagues."

There are three tickets out of Iowa. But only two tickets out of New Hampshire.


Rock & Roll Monday

1980 in the big NYC.

Yeah, that was a party.

And so was Elton.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Man Huck! (UPDATED)

Huckabee takes 2nd in the Ames Straw Poll.

And in this situation, 2nd is the new 1st.

Way to go, Governor!

No snark.

We'll be seeing you in New Hampshire quite soon.

Hold on tight.


(updated) Is Huckabee a 1st tier candidate now?

That seems to be the question on the Gang of 500's lips the day after Huck takes 2nd in the Ames straw poll.

Our answer - define what constitutes a 1st tier GOP candidate at this point in this race.

We can't either. Not really anyway.

All we know is that the Huck is "in the hunt".

For real.

McCain Is In New Hampshire & GMP1 Has The Details Of The "Little Details"

What do the numbers 250, 300 and 175 represent?

Attendance at the three town halls John McCain held in New Hampshire over the last two days (Merrimack, Wolfeboro and North Conway).

The largest turn-out, 300, was at Wolfeboro's Wright Museum Friday night. In Mitt Romney's backyard. On a beautiful night in August. When everyone is either a. at the beach, b. grilling hotdogs or c. focused on Ames, Iowa.

By any GOP '08 metric, those numbers are nothing to sneeze at.

Our friend Holly Ramer at the AP has the MSM write-up. C-SPAN was also present in Wolfeboro and will carry video of the town hall shortly (we're sure).

The best news? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) won't have to wait for C-Span!

A DNC staffer was present at the Wolfeboro event and shot the entire affair. We chatted with the young lady after the town hall was over. Of course we can't say what she told us - that's not playing by our rules - but, needless to say, she was polite and professional.

And complimentary of our blog. But no one is interested in hearing about that (except us).

But anyway (to quote Blues Traveler), good crowds in August '07? Still being tracked by the rival Party?

Like we said, little details.

But important none the less. For those of us in the informed opinion business.

(McCain Photo Compliments Of Photo Editors May Contact Them Here)

The Term "War On Terror" - Giuliani Vs. Edwards?

Six of one? Half a dozen of another?

John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani might not agree on much, but they both seem to agree that the term "war on terror" is unhelpful and inaccurate.

In March, Giuliani called the term "War on Terror" a mistake:

"America is seen as a country by too many that wants to have war, or exercises its power too much, pushes its weight around too much. America is just the opposite kind of country."
Here is John Edwards saying almost exactly the same thing in May:
"By framing this as a war, we have walked right into the trap the terrorists have set—that we are engaged in some kind of clash of civilizations and a war on Islam."
Of course, this post isn't about whether or not you agree with Edwards/Giuliani assessment of the term "war on terror".

This post is all about tweaking Giuliani campaign spokeswoman Katie Levinson.

Who yesterday said of her boss:
"This is, after all, the same guy who thinks the 'war on terror' is simply a bumper sticker."
Oh wait. Our bad.

Katie wasn't criticising what Giuliani thought of the term "war on terror".

Katie was criticising what John Edwards thought of the term "war on terror".

Six of one? A half dozen of the other?

Katie should know that when you point the finger at someone there are four fingers pointing right back at you.

Especially in this case.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Judith Miller Acted, Public Opinion Responds

The Pew Research Center has the details on that and then some.

Another tiny example that the industrialized world is changing at the speed of information.

Crib Note: aka "so fast that it will make your bloody head spin".

Hold on tight.

Bringing The Friday Funny (again)

Defining cool.

While laughing so hard that you're crying.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dodd Talks Education And Fried Food

Senator Dodd was in Tilton, NH today to talk education at the Tilt'n Diner.

In our picture, Dodd chats with up and coming NH healthcare activist Caitlin Stanley while Caitlin's grandmother, Carol Murray, looks on.

Kate Davidson of the Concord Monitor has the call for the MSM regarding Dodd's education plan.

Garry Rayno of the Union Leader weighs in as well.

We drove up from Manchester to see Dodd work. And yes, we had to be out of bed before 11am to do it.


But worth it. Because seeing the so-called "2nd tier candidate" in action reminds us just how strong the Democrat field as a whole is.

And just how weak the Republican field as a whole is.

Bill O'Reilly Is Going To Go Yard On This One

Drudge is "reporting" (noted again, some in the MSM might take offense to our use of the word "reporting") that Jerome Armstrong has paid a $30,000 dollar fine to the SEC to settle a accusation that Armstrong illegally touted the stock of a software company without disclosing that he was being paid to do so.

Armstrong is a prominent blogger on Daily Kos and the founder of the website

Of course, what blabbermouth Bill O'Reilly will do in this situation is a given.

The thing to watch, in our humble opinion, will be whether the people who have had Armstrong's back all these years now become the people banging down his door screaming, "what's good for the goose!"

Noted: We could be wrong, but trigger words for the Daily Kos set have to include "SEC, stock, fine, not disclosing, investigation".

But maybe not.

If Drudge's story is accurate, the Daily Kos set can prove that they really are "NetNuts" by chalking the SEC fine up to "a grandiose Bush conspiracy to get us".

Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thanks For Stopping In South Carolina, Mr. Gardner Will Be In Touch!

We have sources.

Noted: No, we're not counting our mom. This time.

Sources who have told us, consistently for 10 months, that New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner will follow state law when setting the NH Primary date.

And there is nothing in NH state law that says Bill Gardner is going to cough up a primary date at a press conference tomorrow with some South Carolina official.

Why would Gardner rush? And what does some "wink and a nod deal" with South Carolina REALLY mean to Bill Gardner at the end of the day?

He wouldn't and nothing.

And we still think this puppy goes in 2007.

We've been saying it for months.

When Is A Winnebago Like A MRAP?

For the love of God here we go again!

The answer to our title question is "never".

A Winnebago is never like a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP).

MRAPs, as readers may know, are used in Iraq for patrol and combat missions.

A Winnebago, as GMP1 readers definitely know, is used in Iowa to score political points for your dad.

And for sneaking hidden sips of non-decaffeinated soda late at night. Oh so naughty!

Which is why we want to throw-up when Mitt Romney compares his five sons riding around Iowa in a Winnebago to their serving in the military in Iraq.

We ain't no Senator's (Governor's) son?

Oh, If Only We Could Work At The WaPo!

Not that they would ever have us.

But we like to think that great (snark?) political minds do tend to think alike. And that's something (we guess).

For example, both GMP1 and the WaPo see similar opportunities (and risks) for Mike Huckabee in this weekend's Ames Straw Poll.

Of course, we "reported" our Huckabee Ames story back on June 13th.

Noted: We know that some of our very good friends in the MSM will object to our use of the word "reported". So be it.

And the WaPo reported their Huckabee Ames story this morning.

But what's a almost two month gap between friends?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GMP1 Crib Notes From Tonight's AFL-CIO Debate

Want to sound smart tomorrow in your New Hampshire campaign office?

Drop one of the following three questions in front of your boss and watch your career take off!


1. Why do the Democratic candidates all seem so angry at "Washington"? With one exception, Obama, all the candidates who participated in the debate have lived and worked in Washington for years (past and present). The Democrats currently control both Chambers of Congress. When does the Gang of 500 (and Obama) start driving that narrative home to the point where it hurts?

2. Why isn't Joe Biden getting more traction? What are we missing? The guy is a 1st tier candidate in all of the important areas (experience, ideas, vision) but in none of the superficial ones (horserace). Why?

3. Are we the only people who believe that moderator Keith Olbermann is tonight's big winner? You've come a long way from SportsCenter buddy.

Giuliani Inches Closer To Some GMP1 Love

What the camera didn't catch was when Hiz Honnor said:

"I mean, does anyone really think that I would endorse Mitt Romney? Or Fred Thompson?

Mitt's never met a issue he didn't take four different positions on.

And Thompson, I mean, I get the hot, younger, crazy, dominating, "tie me up and tickle my fancy" wife thing. Believe me I do. Wait, is it sexist for me to admit that? Anyway, bottom line, Arthur Branch ain't ready for prime time if you get what I'm saying."

Note to the AP: We made this quote up. But we all laugh because it could be oh so very true.

Nixon On Fred Thompson "Dumb As Hell, But Friendly"

GreenMountainPolitics1 is a Fred Thompson Free Zone.

We don't "do" nonsense candidates.

But Jake Tapper of ABC News has such a great little piece up today about Thompson's (much self touted) role during the Watergate Hearings that we simply could not resist.

Our favorite graph -
Moreover, new transcripts from the Nixon White House tapes reveal that the Nixon administration regarded Thompson as a useful idiot -- "dumb as hell," in President Nixon's words, but "friendly."
You can't beat that with a stick!

Although Team Thompson would probably like to open up Nixon's grave and try.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Giuliani Goes Shopping To Stay Regular

"To stay regular".

Get it?

Shopping alongside Rudy in the Iowa Wal-Mart are Time Magazine's Mark Halperin and The Washington Post's Dan Balz.

GreenMountainPolitics1 was pleased to see Giuliani aid Katie Levinson make an appearance near the beginning of the video snippet. Proving, once and for all (and settling a raging Granite State debate), that Katie DOES know what the inside of a Wal-Mart store looks like.

You go girl!


UPDATE: But does Rudy double-park to get his "man of the people" on?

A "hawk-eared" listener just emailed us and told us to take another listen to the very end of the clip, from 14 seconds to 9 seconds (approx) on the YouTube timer.

When the Wal-Mart manager comes on the store's intercom.

And asks, "would the owner of the two black SUVs parked out in front of the store please move their vehicles."

Oh Rudy, when are you going to learn?

Rock & Roll Monday

Turn it up.

Turn it up LOUD!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is Mitt Romney's Way Forward In Iraq A September Withdrawal?

One last (we swear) post before we hit the road for the weekend.

This YouTube clip just landed in our email box.


Summing up what GreenMountainPolitics1 thinks the talking points for September's Petreaus report on Iraq will be -

Republicans: If the surge is working, let's continue making progress.

Democrats: If the surge isn't working, let's get the hell out.

Mitt Romney: If the surge is working, let's get the hell out.


GreenMountainPolitics1 follow-up question for Mr. Romney: What if the surge isn't working?

MSM/new media start your engines. We smell a story.

Bringing The Friday Funny (again), But For The First Time We're "Bringing It" On A Thursday

It's hot. It's August. And there ain't nuthin going on in the New Hampshire political world that can't wait until Monday.

Unless you're joining the BBC (and every other media outlet) in Manchester this weekend for the machine gun shoot. Which we are not.

Instead, we're headed for the Lakes Region. To float in some hydrogen and some oxygen.

But we can't forget the Friday Funny. No sir. No way.

In this week's installment, a couple of reporters break out of Team Romney's "Media Avail".

Gotta love YouTube.

See you all on Monday!

Is That Urine In Our Hand? Or Did Somebody Claim It Was Raining?

Rudy Giuliani has more trouble with endorsements.

Jon Martin has the score.

And Maria Comella responds, "Oh no, that's a light summer rain. It's very refreshing!"

Noted: Comella didn't respond. At least not to us. We made that quote up.

Noted 2: But it is kinda funny. And accurate. When you look at what she told Martin.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Because In The Dictionary Under "Liberal Media Bias" It Says "See Us"

Here comes a train wreck!

There is really nothing else to say.

From: Kelly Hurst
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:55 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Manchester Republican Committee to Host Machine Gun Event

The Manchester Republican Committee (MRC) will hold its first Annual Machine Gun Shoot fundraiser on Sunday, August 5, 2007 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The public is invited.

The MRC's Machine Gun Shoot is an ideal event for people whose only exposure to machine guns is what they see on the news, television shows, and movies. This event presents both a unique opportunity and an educational experience where attendees can learn about the machine guns that our heros and loved ones carried and depended upon in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama and the Persian Gulf.

Event-goers may observe machine guns being fired, or they may actually fire these machine guns themselves in a safe, controlled, objective enviornment. The MRC extends an invitation to anyone having an open mind and a passing curiosity. The MRC Machine Gun Shoot is about presenting a forum where average people may obtain some small relevant context to what they might view on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. providing historical analysis of weapons of armed conflict.

While the MRC invited the respective presidential candidates, this event is not about the presidential primary or any particular candidate presently running for political office. This event is about offering the citizens of the Granite State a unique experience. This Machine Gun Shoot event reaffirms the MRC's commitment to the Second Amendment, the New Hampshire State Constitution, and the unwavering commitment to liberty.

For more information contact Jerry Thibodeau, MRC Chairman, at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.


Rick Olson

Manchester Republican Committee

Christmas In August

Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is in a wee bit of trouble.

Noted: Innocent until proven guilty of course.

But when the home of a 39 year veteran of the U.S. Senate is raided by the FBI and the IRS well, you're probably a lot closer to being guilty than you are to being innocent.

Of course, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, doesn't think that he (the Senate) should "punish" Stevens just for being "under investigation".

How incredibly "big" of the smallish Reid to pass up the opportunity to kick poor Ted Stevens when he is down. Especially since Reid is known as one of the most partisan Senators in the U.S. Senate.

Of course, why would Reid want to quickly help cut out a (another) cancer growing on the GOP's chances in '08?

Reid wouldn't.

He's just going to sit back and keep saying "no rush to judgement"!

Right up until November of '08.

It's Christmas in August for the Democrats. Again.