Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Judd Gregg About To Endorse Mitt Romney?

Hot, bothered and idle August speculation to be sure.

But with more than a touch of "informed guessing".

Senator Gregg, a Republican, said recently that he would be making a Primary endorsement "soon". Like September or October.

Which has started (again) New Hampshire's tongues a wagging about Gregg's choice.

But we think that Gregg's choice is easy to guess - Mitt Romney.

Because Senator Gregg's right hand man is Joel Maiola.

And Joel's mother, Betty, is a co-chair for Romney's Womans Leadership Team.

Romney and Gregg are almost family. Which counts for a whole lot.

But what about the other candidates?

We think that it is unlikely that Gregg endorses McCain after McCain embarrassed Gregg's last endorsement, George Bush, in the 2000 NH Primary.

For a player like Gregg, that only leaves Thompson and Giuliani.

And no real player endorses Fred Thompson.

So that leaves Giuliani. Who hasn't worked New Hampshire as hard as Mitt Romney.

And who doesn't have "family" connections to Senator Gregg like Romney does.

Gregg endorses Romney.

We're buying that conventional wisdom.

Noted: But do Romney 2.0 and Gregg split their differences on immigration reform?

Time, as always, will tell.