Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Immigration (updated)

We just don't understand the GOP's position on immigration.

We get the fear mongering part. We get the simpleton part. We just don't get the longterm "strategy" part.

Has anyone heard of the "Browning of America"?

Does the GOP think that being the Party of "white (old) guys" is a viable long term strategy?

We don't.

And here is a consequence of being the "white guy's" Party. The barest taste of what's to come.

And yeah, it's a big problem.


(updated) Giuliani seems to have "previously" gotten some of the points we are trying to make about immigration.

Back in the late 90s. Before he started running for the GOP nomination.

Stand-by for the "I used to feel one way about immigration. But then I saw those Towers fall and..."

Just make sure you double-check where those 9/11 hijackers came from. And how they got here.

And then ask yourself if the xenophobic language of the current GOP leadership is justified. Or if it's just stupid.