Monday, August 27, 2007


Gang of 500 members currently pontificating on the "state of the Democratic race" from their summer home on Nantucket or from their downtown offices inside-the-beltway might, just might, want to look at what John Edwards is up to in New Hampshire.

You know, on the actual "campaign trail".

Because Senator Edwards has begun "living in" the Granite State, which the New Hampshire Primary process Gods have absolutely taken Note of.

The same process Gods who note the large and fairly enthusiastic crowds Edwards drew during his recent 4-day campaign swing through the state (1000+ in Portsmouth on the final day). And the 16 gazillion paid staffers Edwards has in New Hampshire.

That stuff counts.

Meanwhile, Edwards is stumping with partisan but substantive rhetoric that is to the left of Hillary and Obama. On healthcare. On the war. On energy. Which doesn't necessarily preclude you from snatching up NH independents, and it guarantees you a "good honest look" by the Democratic base.

Which is the group you really want in a Primary fight. Even in New Hampshire.

Finally, no matter how hard Mark Penn spins and dances, look for Edwards (and everyone but Hillary) to talk "electoral electability" more and more.

A conversation already at a private boil within the Democratic Party. Especially in New Hampshire.

So can Edwards beat Clinton in New Hampshire?


Hillary Clinton is as smart, tough and cagey as they come. And so is her staff.

But Edwards unabashed commitment to New Hampshire could, and should, pay off in a state where primary voters expect to meet every candidate 26 times and who change their mind on those candidates 3,249 times before election day (meaning that there are still 1,329 candidate changes to go).

Finally, and we feel that we must absolutely positively bring this up, it doesn't hurt that Edwards sat down Sunday afternoon with a humble NH blogger to take some questions.

Noted: As always, we try to ask questions that we don't hear a lot on the campaign trail. Sometimes we're more successful than others. Some venues work better than others. We're learning. We've only been at this a couple of months.

Noted 2: As always, we run our interviews in their entirety with no (extra) commentary.

Noted 3: Yeah, we know we look "heavy". It's the camera angle. Snark.

Finally, thank you to Mrs. Edwards for graciously offering to hold the camera (We still need a tri-pod. When we shot Dodd we had our camera stacked on trash cans).

Oh bloggers.