Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Advice For NH's Young Blogging Turks - aka Answering Several Emails With One Post

As the Primary inches (rockets) closer, we've begun to get emails from people asking "how can I do what you are doing?"

Our answer, you don't want to, really.

But if you did, really, want to do what we're doing, we suggest you mimic those who really know what they're doing out on the Trail.

And we're not talking about us. Good heavens to daisies, no.

Noted: Anyone can set up a blog. A blog is a free utility. It's not a "end result".

Because it's the content that counts. Always.

So, our advice to our email "friends" is learn how to get "content".

And, while he hardly agree with everything that the Boston Globe's James Pindell and the AP's Phil Elliott clack about, there is no question that these two MSMers are (usually) the deepest in conversation with all levels of NH's campaign staff when we spot them on the Trail.

All levels.

Which is where the content is. And Pindell and Elliott know it.

And by watching those two we learned it.

So, to all future bloggers of the New Hampshire Primary we say, "Get out of the basement. Get out on the Trail. Go to events. Stick out your hand and say, 'Hi, I'm so and so. I'm a blogger. What's happening?'"

You'll be amazed at what happens.

The world has changed and "anyone" may have a seat at the table.

If the content is right.

As always, we're just saying.