Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GMP1 Crib Notes From Tonight's AFL-CIO Debate

Want to sound smart tomorrow in your New Hampshire campaign office?

Drop one of the following three questions in front of your boss and watch your career take off!


1. Why do the Democratic candidates all seem so angry at "Washington"? With one exception, Obama, all the candidates who participated in the debate have lived and worked in Washington for years (past and present). The Democrats currently control both Chambers of Congress. When does the Gang of 500 (and Obama) start driving that narrative home to the point where it hurts?

2. Why isn't Joe Biden getting more traction? What are we missing? The guy is a 1st tier candidate in all of the important areas (experience, ideas, vision) but in none of the superficial ones (horserace). Why?

3. Are we the only people who believe that moderator Keith Olbermann is tonight's big winner? You've come a long way from SportsCenter buddy.