Saturday, August 11, 2007

McCain Is In New Hampshire & GMP1 Has The Details Of The "Little Details"

What do the numbers 250, 300 and 175 represent?

Attendance at the three town halls John McCain held in New Hampshire over the last two days (Merrimack, Wolfeboro and North Conway).

The largest turn-out, 300, was at Wolfeboro's Wright Museum Friday night. In Mitt Romney's backyard. On a beautiful night in August. When everyone is either a. at the beach, b. grilling hotdogs or c. focused on Ames, Iowa.

By any GOP '08 metric, those numbers are nothing to sneeze at.

Our friend Holly Ramer at the AP has the MSM write-up. C-SPAN was also present in Wolfeboro and will carry video of the town hall shortly (we're sure).

The best news? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) won't have to wait for C-Span!

A DNC staffer was present at the Wolfeboro event and shot the entire affair. We chatted with the young lady after the town hall was over. Of course we can't say what she told us - that's not playing by our rules - but, needless to say, she was polite and professional.

And complimentary of our blog. But no one is interested in hearing about that (except us).

But anyway (to quote Blues Traveler), good crowds in August '07? Still being tracked by the rival Party?

Like we said, little details.

But important none the less. For those of us in the informed opinion business.

(McCain Photo Compliments Of Photo Editors May Contact Them Here)