Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"I Gotta Go With McCain!"

Curt Schilling endorsed John McCain today.

Said the Red Sox great:

"I gotta go with McCain," said Schilling. "As we get through this, and we start to hear things, I'm not voting party line anymore. I'm voting for the guy that I know is going to be the same person four years from now that he was when [he was] elected. I need to trust somebody because I don't agree with anybody's platform front to back. I just need to know that the person that I'm putting in the office is not going to... people don't want to hear this but President Bush has stayed very true to what he's wanted, and what he's done, and I just think the office is bigger than any one person. I need somebody that I can trust to do right by the country and stick to their guns."
This is going to be good for a vote or two in New Hampshire.

And how about that surrogate visit?