Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Orson Swindle? What The Hell Does He Know? Don't You Know That Sometimes I Fly Coach? COACH!" (UPDATED)

Rudy Giuliani may or may not be a "mean son of a bitch".

But the way Rudy thinks about the world (a noun, a verb and 9/11) certainly makes him a "scary son of a bitch".

Which explains Richard Cohen's must-read column today in the WaPo.

Of course, we here at GMP1 don't need fancy columns to describe the way that Hiz Honor sees the world.

All we need is YouTube, a sense of movie history and presto - Rudy talks about his plans for foreign policy!


Statement from McCain Veterans Advisory Committee Chair

MANCHESTER, NH — U.S. Senator John McCain’s New Hampshire Veterans Advisory Committee Chair Sergeant Major Paul Chevalier, USMC (Ret.), today issued the following statement:

“Last week, Rudy Giuliani implied that he had experienced the torture of sleep deprivation while running for president. His hyperbole is an insult to all American soldiers who have had to endure real torture and mistreatment while in enemy hands. This practice was common during the Vietnam War. One of John McCain’s closest friends, LtCol. Orson Swindle, USMC (Ret.), was subjected to this treatment while he was held as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam and can personally assure Mayor Giuliani that the experience was far more severe than the loss of sleep he experiences as a candidate. I call on Mayor Giuliani to apologize to LtCol. Swindle and all of our courageous veterans who have had to persevere through this heinous experience as well as other torturous acts while serving their country and recognize how he belittled that service and sacrifice through his comments.”