Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If You Believe The Polls (And That's Always A Big If) HRC Has A Problem In New Hampshire

We don't buy much "conventional wisdom".

But we have bought the CW that New Hampshire is Hillary country and that Clinton will win the first-in-the-nation primary.

For 12 months Clinton's people have been making this argument, the polls have (mostly) supported them and, most importantly, so has what we've seen on the ground with our own two eyes.

Noted: Don't worry Team Edwards, we like what you've been doing on the ground in the Granite State. Very impressive. And, it will pay off.

But Edwards doesn't have to win New Hampshire.

We think Hillary Clinton does.

Inevitability is a fun mistress, but she's a stickler about a little thing called "expectations".

And if the expectation is that HRC will win the New Hampshire Primary and then she doesn't (or only squeaks through), it's a problem.

How big a problem only time can tell.

But the latest Rasmussen poll can't make Team Clinton feel all that great.

No matter what they might spin.