Monday, November 05, 2007

Money Bomb

Before online political communities (and the operatives who make money off their new media "know how") get over-the-top giddy about Ron Paul raising $3 million dollars online in one day, folks should try and remember one thing -

Ron Paul's message is what raised the 3 million bucks. Not his web operation.

No message. No money.

Yes, the internet is a wonderful tool for political organizing and it is a wonderful tool for raising money.

No question.

But even a sophisticated grasp of Web tools will not bring any significant money without a (real) message to push.

Paul has a message to push. A message that is catching. A message that we have been watching sweep across New Hampshire since last June.

The "status quo is fine, we guess" wing of the Republican Party needs to take a good hard look at what Ron Paul did today.

And they need to start making some alternative plans.