Friday, February 29, 2008

Austin, Texas Food Tips For The Gang of 500

A good chunk of the Gang of 500 is down in Texas this weekend setting up for the primary.

Including Jon Martin, who is trolling for food tips on his blog.

Since GMP1 lived in Austin for three years (just absolutely ripping it), we have three humble food tips for you reporter types.

First, check out the Whole Foods flagship store in downtown Austin. It's the size of an airport and has to be seen to be believed.

Second, there is nothing that can compare to the Salt Lick's BBQ.

And third, our favorite Mexican joint in the continental United States bar none, Juan In A Million. Get the Don Juan breakfast burrito. It's amazing. How amazing? Well, the owner of Juan In A Million drives a brand new Porsche. And how many breakfast burritos do you think you need to sell in order to buy a Porsche?