Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Team McCain Loves Tim Pawlenty

The very able Jon Martin has a good story up this morning about why Minnesota Governor (and McCain national co-chair) Tim Pawlenty makes an attractive VP pick for the Senator from Arizona.

Keyword: Steadfast.

We covered an event that Governor Pawlenty did for Senator McCain in Fairlee, Vermont (on the NH border) on October 8th, 2007.

October 8th - dark days for Team McCain. Not a lot of phone calls being returned, not a lot of surrogates wanting to hit the campaign trail for him.

But there was Governor Pawlenty, flying into Manchester, NH to then make a four hour round-trip car ride to give a dinner speech in Vermont on behalf of Senator McCain to maybe 200 people.

That's dedication to a candidate. Big Time.

And the Fairlee trip is just one example of what Tim Pawlenty has done on behalf of Johnny Mac. Through thin and thick.

Which is one big reason why Team McCain loves the Governor from Minnesota.