Monday, February 25, 2008

The Barest Whisper Of What's To Come

Via First Read: has a Web video hitting McCain on Iraq and tries to tie it to the economy...

The group says it will run on Washington, DC-area cable. But this is part of a larger effort by a consortium of liberal groups, joined today in a conference call with reporters by John and Elizabeth Edwards, against not just McCain but also targeted Republicans.

Leaders of the group -- consisting of the Center for American Progress, USAction,, the SEIU, and Americans United for Change -- say it will pour in more than $20 million -- for ads and on-the-ground organization -- to draw links between Iraq and a struggling U.S. economy between now and November...

"There is great concern, anxiety, and angst about economic security," Edwards said on the call. "All of these things are made worse by the war in Iraq." He added that while he was on the trail, he found that "People don’t understand why we’re spending $500 billion and counting at the same time we have 47 million without healthcare, 37 million living in poverty…. It doesn’t make sense to them…. John McCain has made it very clear; he intends to go along with the same exact policy as George Bush."

Elizabeth Edwards had this message for voters. "If the economy is your No. 1 issue, then the war is your No. 1 issue."

She also lamented the role the press has played in not drawing more connections between issues like the war and the economy.

The Edwards's talking points jive with what we've heard from mid-level Democratic staffers recently.

In a nutshell: Yeah, the Democrats in Congress might have their problems, but the cost of the war in Iraq is adversely affecting everything that we do. And Pelosi and Reid don't have the balls, or the where-with-all, to take the President on directly over things that they promised the voters in '06.

Actually, strike that.

The first nutshell sentence is a Congressional Dem talking point.

The second nutshell sentence is all us.

Noted: This post represents the first "Bush 3rd Term" label.