Friday, February 29, 2008

A Note About Our Photographs

We received a nice email last night from a news photographer who told us that he loves our blog but asking us to please take down a McCain photograph that he had taken and that we were using without his permission.

Of course we immediately complied.

This is the 2nd request to take down a photo that we've gotten from a photographer in the 16 months that we've been at this.

A lot of folks ask us, "where do you get your photographs?"

Well, we post a lot of pictures that we've taken ourselves (a rule of thumb is that if the photo "sucks" we probably took it).

We also occasionally post photos that have been sent to us by readers/professional photographers who are looking to get eyeballs on their work. Obviously we credit the source of those pictures.

But we get the bulk of our photos from Google Images. We try to come up with keywords that fit with the post that we just wrote, we plug those words into Google's magic box and off we go.

We have always tried to give credit where credit is due. But it is often impossible to know who took the photograph in the first place. And, since we have not and will not make one dime off of this blog, we have never felt as though we were cheating anyone out of their "cut".

But all that doesn't change the fact that photographers should get credit for their work. And they most certainly have the right to demand that GMP1 pull down any of their photos used without permission.

So to all you shutterbugs out there, if you see one of your photos up here and you want it off our site (or for us to credit you), just drop us an email and we'll be happy to comply.

And that, as they say, is that.