Saturday, February 16, 2008

David Brooks's Advice To The Clinton Campaign (And Maybe The McCain Campaign?)

David Brooks is one of the best (so is Jim Lehrer).

Which is why we stopped a Guitar Hero Party last night so that we could watch this.

Brooks's money quotes about how Clinton (McCain?) could deal with Obama:

So I would be a little more personal and say, "You've got Mr. Perfect over here. You know, he went to Harvard Law School, Columbia college, has a perfect career, perfect family, occasionally his loafers get soggy from walking on water. But, you know, I've lived an actual life. I've had some struggles like you. And I actually understand you a little better than this guy does...

Put the mask down. The second thing I'd try to do -- and this would be more difficult -- is make this ideological. Try to get from some center versus left. Say, "He's more liberal than I am. I admit it."

And I would particularly pick on some social issue or maybe fiscal discipline and try -- there has been no ideological definition between the two. I might try to establish something like that.

So that would be two quick things she could do, and she could go after his class. What's the point of being a Democrat if you can't play on social resentments?

I mean, the guy does every rally it seems at some college. He doesn't campaign outside of 50 yards of a provost's office. Maybe play on that a little. It's desperation, but I would do something like that."