Sunday, February 03, 2008

Carville On McCain '08: Correct. Sort Of.

Carville on today's Meet:

In 2004, we were sure there were three powerful pillars of the Republican Party: the right wing preachers, the nutty supply siders and talk radio, OK? It--McCain has vanquished all three. All of them had no influence in this election. McCain has said that he definitely was not on the right wing preachers, he's definitely not a supply sider and right wing talk radio can't stand John McCain. And now they have to deal with him. That's the, that's the reality.
Well, sorta.

Noted: And we certainly don't like Carville's snotty tone about the Republican Party. If there's a snotty tone to be taken around here, we'll take it.

While it is true that McCain has been dismissive of many parts of the DC based "conservative" establishment (note the quotation marks around "conservative" and the DC based label), the good Senator from Arizona has spent an enormous amount of time since 2004 reaching out to rank and file conservatives at the state and local level.

You know, the folks who actually matter.

And, considering the fact that McCain is on the cusp of winning the Republican Primary on Tuesday, we would argue that his outreach has paid off.

Even though the DC morons who brought us the 2006 midterms will continue to scream and gnash their teeth. As they become even less relevant.

Ah progress!