Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Having The Time Of His Life

Though we love him, Governor Huckabee probably will not be the Republican nominee for President in 2008 (even after his wins last night, which were shocking only to those pundits who haven't been paying attention to the last 13 months).

But we think all of this is just fine with Mr. Huckabee.

Because Huck is going to emerge from the '08 campaign trail a national (if not the national) leader of the social conservative movement.

A conservative leader that moderates within the Republican Party will absolutely be able to do business with.

Which is going to create all sorts of fun new opportunities for Team Huckabee. And a lot of other people as well.

Not bad for the 2nd man from Hope.

A man who the Gang of 500 dismissed as a "never heard of him" as late as September of last year.

Which has got to make Huck chuckle.

As he continues to do things his way.

And continues to have the time of his life doing it.