Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby's Big Day!

UPDATED -- About 48 seconds after we first posted this we got a request from "several" campaigns in NH for a "write-through". Their point, and it is a good point, is that a college town hall meeting comes with a built-in audience - the students.

But, as this is Rudy that we are talking about and he needs all the benefit of the doubt that we can muster, we still consider the New England College Town Hall Meeting Rudy's first "real" event in New Hampshire.

Break out the bubbly!
Breaking on the wire - Rudy Giuliani is actually planning on doing a real campaign event in New Hampshire!

No, we're not talking about the Lincoln Day Dinner and the Business Leaders Forum. That's campaign window dressing in a controlled environment with a built-in audience.

We're referring to the "town hall style meeting" that Rudy is doing at New England College on the 24th.

It's his first "real" event in 4 months.

Doesn't exactly scream "New Hampshire" does it? Maybe Baby thinks that NH is already lost to the GOP?

Of course, as this is Baby's first event outside the hyper-controlled RudyLand bubble that has been built between Baby and New Hampshire voters, Baby does deserve some kudos.

Kudos you big baby.

Don't worry Team Giuliani, we're sure Baby will be fine.

In the meantime, we sure would like to know when you are planning on releasing Giuliani's client list.

We're just saying.