Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Soft Re-Launch?

We just caught Mitt Romney at a town hall meeting in Derry.

The highlight of the event, for us, was finally being able to thank our friend at Fox News for intentionally inserting B-Roll footage of us into a piece Fox ran a few weeks back, finally meeting (in the flesh) the world famous Cosmo (hey, when Ben Smith links to your Blog, you're famous) and being able to say a very quick hello to a slightly harried looking Mark Halperin.

Gotta love first-in-the-nation.

But what about Big Love?

One word - "RE-LAUNCH"!

Mitt gave a 20 minute stump speech to a crowd of about 100 New Hampshire residents before taking questions for 45 minutes.

Not one word (NOT ONE WORD!) was uttered in his stump speech about conservative social issues.

This is a Note worthy change from when we last saw Romney at a campaign event in Manchester in December of 2006.

The closest Romney came today to any of those pesky (Mitt-Flop?) topics was when he briefly touched upon his "strong" belief that children benefit from having a "mom and a dad for as long as possible".

We agree.

The rest of the 19 minutes and 30 seconds Mitt spent touting his record as a successful businessman and Governor.

And, it's an impressive record.

Which is why we can't understand why Big Love listened to some jackass consultant 6 months ago who told him "Governor, we're going to launch you as the true social conservative candidate. It's going to be great!"

Sure it will.

We bet Love wishes he could get some of that burn rate back.