Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rudy Attempts To Engage McCain In New Hampshire, Engages GMP1 Instead

John Dickerson's write-up of Rudy Giuliani's recent "highly screened" trip to New Hampshire may be found here.

Noted: It looks like the "New York Velvet Rope Access" label is sticking. At least it is with the two national print reporters and the cable news crew that we gabbed with at a campaign event earlier this week.

Now, we're not media wizards (of course, neither is Katie Levinson), but we're willing to bet that being known as "New York Velvet Rope Access" in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa isn't a good thing.

In fact, we're not even really sure that will play in California. Maybe Los Angeles, but only because all of them want to live in Manhattan anyway.

But, that really is between Rudy and his staff.

What is between us and Hiz Honor is that Rudy attempted to take a shot at our man John McCain while he was in New Hampshire (hey, we play favorites on this Blog. Rudy would have elicited the same response from us if he had taken a shot at Dodd, Huckabee or Edwards).

As Dickerson reported in his article:

One participant asked about John McCain: "Has his time passed?" "I think so," responded Giuliani. McCain, he went on, "looked like he was tired and he's cranky."
We say Rudy "attempted to take a shot" because everyone knows that while McCain can be faulted for many things, being "tired" isn't one of them.

Even 3rd rate Clackers (like ourselves) know this. It's one of the upsides of McCain granting full access to the press corp.

So, while John Weaver probably saw this particular quote, our guess is that he simply snorted and went back to whatever it was that he was previously engaged in.

Not GreenMountainPolitics1. We're engaging.

And, we're engaging with two simple questions.

First, to the Giuliani campaign - How long do you think you can hold out releasing Hiz Honor's businesses client list?

We know, we know, "client confidentiality agreements".


The microwave of this Presidential campaign is going to cook that excuse. Probably in late summer, just in time for the first Iowa straw poll (which Rudy is already considering blowing off).

And, shouldn't Rudy's excuse be cooked?

How does a man running for the Presidency not have to tell the American public how he made his money over the last several years?

That pane of glass is going to shatter and it's going to shatter huge.

If Rudy's campaign did have any true media wizards they would have dumped the whole list on a Friday afternoon right before last Christmas and then told the press corp on the following Monday, "We've already discussed that and we're moving on."

That would have been smart. That would have been.

But now "smart" is defined by those members of the Gang of 500 who know that Rudy's true Achilles heel isn't his stance on guns, abortion and gay marriage. It's his client list.

Our second question is to the voters (and press) of New Hampshire - As it becomes more and more apparent that Rudy Giuliani is going to bypass New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation Primary to focus on Super-Duper Tuesday (don't take our word for it, just watch with you own two eyes), are you aware of what his campaign's talking points will be the morning after your Primary?

Again, we're not "media wizards" but we'll take a shot.

Wolf Blitzer: "Well Rudy campaign crony, the Mayor didn't do so hot in last night's New Hampshire Primary.

Rudy Campaign Crony: "Well Wolf, at the end of the day New Hampshire is just a tiny-tiny-tiny percentage of the delegates a candidate needs to win the nomination. In fact, the first-in-the-nation Primary isn't all that important anymore. See you in California!"

You get the point.

Which leads GreenMountainPolitics1 to wonder if Rudy's talking points on the day after the first-in-the-nation will be picked up and used by opponents of New Hampshire's sacred status.

Makes you kind of mad, doesn't it?

We're just saying.