Monday, April 09, 2007

Peace, Love and Kucinich In New Hampshire

Let a (real) conversation begin?

We caught Dennis Kucinich, the loooong-shot Democratic Presidential candidate, at a Manchester campaign stop last Thursday night.

ABC News' Jennifer Duck has the MSM story here (nice to meet you at the event Jennifer).

About 40 people showed up to talk with Kucinich about "what was on their mind". After forming a "conversation circle", the Ohio Congressman began the meeting by asking everyone "What do you want America to be?"

Their answers were as varied and different as Kucinich's candidacy.

One voter said that he wanted an America where he would "feel the need to send the President a thank-you letter." Another said that he wanted to "be able to travel abroad and not feel ashamed that he was an American." More than a couple of voters talked about wanting "affordable health care". One woman said that she wanted to "harness America's intellectual power to create really good calorie free chocolate."

Who's against good calorie free chocolate?

Kucinich, who sat in the conversation circle like everyone else, took detailed notes, interjected with questions and offered occasional (expansive) comments.

And the (shockingly smart) conversation just flowered. Organically. For 2 hours.

It was one of the more remarkable things that we have seen thus far on the Trail (even if the group spent a solid 5 minutes discussing the merits of a "mandatory salary level for every American worker to be paid for by cutting the Pentagon's budget." That's LEFT baby! Although it doesn't look like the CENTER's economic policies are doing all that hot right now.).

And, we think it is a good sign of Kucinich's chances in New Hampshire.

If he can build some sort of campaign organization in New Hampshire.

Yet another "good sign" for Kucinich?

According to Kucinich, earlier in the day both WMUR-TV and Fox News Channel began their questions to him with something along the lines of, "How does it make you feel that you were so right about the War In Iraq?"

Crib Note to the Big Three Democrat Candidates (and the Democratic Majorities in both Chambers): Your Iraq War "3rd Way" answer stinks and you know it. So does Dennis.

Now, we didn't witness the exchange between the Kucinich and the media, but if it's even remotely true (and we don't think anyone has ever accused Dennis of being a fibber) it's a good sign.

If he can build some sort of campaign organization in New Hampshire.

Notice a pattern?