Monday, April 02, 2007

Money, Money, Money!

A couple of folks have called/emailed us to ask if (when) we are going to do a post on the 1st quarter fundraising numbers that have been trickling out of the presidential campaigns over the last 24 hours.

We're not going to do one.

We don't think 1st quarter fundraising numbers are all that important. Especially when the Big 6 candidates are (more or less) bunched together between $12.5 million (McCain) and $26 million (Clinton).

Crib Note: Everyone is still competitive with everyone else.

Yes, we recognize that there is a large percentage spread between $12.5 million and $26 million. Yes, we recognize that there are voters, activists and donors stupid enough to choose one candidate over another candidate because candidate X raised 38% more money than candidate Y. So yes, we recognize that the chattering classes will chatter away about what everyone's number means what to whom over the next 72 hours.

We're still not impressed.

Crib Note to the Chattering Classes: To make matters worse, you're chattering with incomplete data. The only data you have have from the campaigns is what they want you to have. Suckers!

To drive our point home we would ask that everyone try to remember who the Republican and Democratic 1st quarter fundraising record holders were before today.

Need a hint? It was Phil Gramm and Al Gore.

Let's move on to stuff that matters. Like what David Walker is talking about.

We're just saying.