Friday, April 13, 2007

The Human Starting Gun

When Hillary Clinton comes to New Hampshire she is, on average, trailed by a larger press mob than any other candidate.

Hillary's "major policy address" today at St. Anselm's college was no different.

There is no question that the Junior Senator from New York is the human starting gun of the race so far. Hillary's entire (entire!) existence is recorded, dissected and spun, which is why she can be forgiven if she sometimes oversells what Mark Penn is pushing (A major policy address? Not quite. But certainly good, "bite-sized" policies).

The passion of the "Anyone But Hillary" crowd is matched only by the passion of the "I Love Hillary" crowd. And everyone is partying in the microwave.

She knows it. The press mob knows it. Now we know it.

Inside Baseball Non-Snark: Mea Culpa.

Two items of Note from the St. Anselm event that the MSM will (most likely) not report.

First, Team Clinton's organization is very, very good (we've Noted this before). In the 30 minutes leading up to the start of the event we watched as Hillary "supporters" worked the voters while her campaign staff worked the press corp.

No Hillary staffer ever sat. No Hillary staffer ever made an ass out of himself or herself (take Note Rudy) and almost no voter or press person was left without at least a handshake and a "thanks for coming" from a Team Hillary member.

That sort of behavior goes a long, long way. Especially in New Hampshire.

To top it off, the room was set (as usual) for Presidential Prime Time.

Second, today's press mob liked "dropping" Mark Halperin's name almost as much (but not quite) as we do. Twice in one hour we heard two different members of the mob begin a story with, "Mark Halperin and I..."

We can only wonder if Mark knows he has so many friends.