Thursday, July 19, 2007

Biden Makes Good Sense On Iraq. So Does Duffy.

Just because we support Bush's troop surge (especially when the only other choice is what the Democratic Congress is peddling) doesn't mean that we're not listening/reading other folks with different ideas about "a way forward" (or out) in Iraq.

Especially folks who are as concerned as we are with the chaos that will result if/when the United States pulls all of its troops out of Iraq.

Anyone remember "You break it, you buy it"?

Noted: For you pro-Richardson folks who emailed us to tell us you weren't very happy about our anti-Richardson Snark yesterday we have two quick questions - 1. What's the difference between genocide in Darfur and genocide in Iraq? 2. What is your car's daily MPG?

Exactly. So let's get serious.

And Joe Biden, who we don't talk enough about on this blog, is as serious and able as they come on how to work our way out of this Iraqi clusterf*ck.

Biden proved it again last night on Jim Lehrer.

Also, Time's Mike Duffy has a very good piece up talking about many of the same ideas Biden has.

Neither of the two men's plans are perfect. But neither is Bush's surge. And all three are better than anything Reid/Pelosi are pushing.