Monday, July 23, 2007

Fiscal Wake Up Tour, September 28th, Manchester, NH

The real Masters Of The Universe are focused on one thing right now - the slide of the U.S. Dollar.

Which hit a new low vs. the Euro and the Pound today.

Which scares the "hell" out of people who get paid not to get rattled. Ever.

Throw in a (ever widening) wealth gap, screwy government accounting (think generational pyramid scheme) and $2.00 trillion in foreign debt and it's easy to see dark storm clouds floating right over the horizon.

Of course, we're not economists and nobody likes raining on Dow 14,000.

But we'll continue to clack away.

Because we're talking to lots and lots of really smart people - "really smart people" who are "really f-ing scared".

To the extent that a friend of ours is thinking about transferring his net worth into uncut diamonds. Because it's "safer".

He's probably right.

Noted: A sick and twisted parlor game is currently making the rounds that begins with the sentence, "The U.S. economy flushes down the toilet tomorrow, how much of the global economy goes with it?"

Now cue the laughter, the "Oh Thomas, you rascal!" and the clink of scotch glasses.


But forget all that. We choose to look for hope. And hope (fingers crossed) is on the way.

As near as we can tell, the solution to America's current fiscal troubles may be found in a "3rd Way".

Not Democrat. Not Republican. Not Karl Marx. Not Adam Smith.

But a hybrid blend of all the philosophies. Plus a few more. With a heaping dose of political courage.

Pete Peterson knows what we're talking about. Because we learned it from him.

And we look forward to seeing (hopefully) Mr. Peterson at the September 28th Fiscal Wake Up Tour in Manchester, NH.

Because there is nothing we like better than "smart".

And we need it by the bucketful these days.