Tuesday, July 24, 2007

McCain - Non-Fossil Fuel Power To The People!

We just got off the McCain blogger conference call.

Our question to the Senator was not about Iraq, the '08 horserace or the state of McCain's campaign.

Instead, we decided to ask the Senator a energy/global warming question (take note Carbon Coalition).

GMP1: Senator, Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire today participating in a discussion on global warming. You have been a leader on this issue, particularly within the Republican Party. Can we expect to hear you talk more about energy and the need to move away from fossil fuels? And don't you think it's foolish that the GOP seems to be ceding this very important issue to the Democrats?

JSM (in a nutshell): "Yes" and "Yes".

Here is the speech McCain gave on Energy Policy back in April.

Now a question for all you budding GOP hacks who read this blog: What don't you "like" about the global warming issue?

We know, we know, your party's political bosses think that global warming is a "little girls" issue.

How did your party's political bosses do in 2006 again? How's 2008 shaping up?

Global warming is a great issue for the GOP. And the Democrats don't own it. Yet.

You please the "far right" with talk of strengthening national security by cutting off oil revenue to people like Hugo Chavez and Putin.

You please the "sorta right" with talk of free market alternative energy development and job creation.

And you please the "independents" with talk of tackling global warming.

Everybody wins. Especially with micro-targeting.

Remember, it's 2007. Not 1907.

So tell Dick "Crazy-Eyed" Cheney and his merry band of morons at the NRSC/NRCC/RNC to shut-up.

Unless you want the GOP to be out of power in the House, Senate and White House in 2008.

We're just saying.