Thursday, July 05, 2007

John Cox - Still A Day Late And A Dollar Short

We just got this "Message From John Cox On July 4th" in our email box.

Dear Friends
Today is not just the Fourth of July; which is the name popularly given to this holiday. Today is Independence Day. Why? Because 231 years ago, some hard working and ambitious men and women decided that they had enough of being told what to do by a King who wouldn't listen to them. The King thought he could anything to them and they would have to accept it - whether it was quartering soldiers or paying exorbitant taxes - they didn't have a say in their future.
At great risk to their futures, they got together and declared that this was no longer the way it was going to be. Not everyone agreed with them - they were leaders, not followers. Yet, they persevered; they talked to their countrymen about freedom; about self determination; about controlling their own destinies. They talked to their neighbors and friends about some important ideas, such as the concept that all men were created equal; they had certain specific and unchangeable qualities and rights - life, liberty and property.
The problem is that it's July 5th. Not July 4th.

We understand snail mail hitting late. But email?