Monday, July 30, 2007

Giuliani's 20 - 30%

We shot this footage of Rudy Giuliani at Great Northern Trading Company in Meredith, New Hampshire this morning.

Noted: Bloggers who actually venture out of their basement, discard their pajamas (temporarily) and hit the campaign trail? Shocking, we know.

Team Giuliani billed this morning's campaign stop as a "business visit".

About 20 voters showed up.

Hiz Honor, who arrived in a 3 car caravan but left most of his staff outside (smart), spent 15 minutes shaking hands and having his picture taken with everyone who wanted one.

After pictures, Giuliani gave a three minute stump speech. He took no questions from the smattering of local media (and 1 blogger) in attendance.

Of interest to us (and we've been watching this guy on the Trail since October of '06) "taxes" seems to be overtaking "staying on offense" as the #1 issue that Rudy wants to talk about.

Maybe the "one trick pony" label is getting a bit old for the Mayor?

In today's speech Giuliani claimed that Democrats were going to "raise taxes anywhere from 20 to 30%" if they won the White House. Right before he attacked John Edwards in particular.

We wonder if the DNC (and Edwards) is going to take issue with that.