Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well Bill, That Was Pretty Stupid

+4 Kudos to Bill Richardson for campaigning in New Hampshire on the 4th of July.

-18 Kudos to Bill Richardson for rolling around the Granite State in a Hummer.

(Picture compliments of Politico's Ben Smith)

UPDATE: When you post on someone else's post you update when they update. And Ben Smith is updating his original post because Team Richardson claims that the Humvee is NOT an official campaign car, the New Mexico Governor never rode in it and it was not in his caravan.

UPDATE2: I just got this 2nd picture of the Humvee from a reader at the parade (Luke Vargas, who is running for President in 2040). The Hummer might not be an official Richardson campaign vehicle. But it sure does look like the driver, whoever he is, is a "super" volunteer.