Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The February 5th (and beyond) Plan: Delegates, Dollars & Media!

The race is about to (really) go national. Never to return to anything less.

There are 6 days between the Florida Primary and Super Tuesday.

Which means that it's go time for campaign strategists and schedulers.

Some Super Tuesday questions that the campaigns are wrestling with:

1. What February 5th states can my candidate most effectively compete in for delegates? What about non-binding contests, do they matter or can we worry about those delegates at the convention when we have momentum? Do winner take all contests help or hurt my candidate?

2. Where can the candidate raise money? Is a successful high dollar event in a February 5th state that my candidate probably won't win worth it?

3. Local media hits. Local media hits. Local media hits.

4. Good Christ LA is an expensive media market!

5. How does the campaign keep the traveling press pack fed, watered and online?

6. If Mitt Romney wins Florida or comes in a close second does Ann let him open up his checkbook and write himself a $30 million dollar check? Does Romney's ability to self-fund make him the GOP frontrunner right up until he gives his concession speech?

7. Are we flying by the seat of our pants or do we actually know what we're doing?

8. Does it really matter if we're flying by the seat of our pants or if we know what we're actually doing?

9. Are there really no atheists in foxholes?

Stay tuned!