Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of Fairy Tales, Shuck And Jives & LBJ

Marc Ambinder has a good post up about Clinton, Obama and racial politics.

Personally, we think that Team Clinton, Team Obama and the press all need to take a deep breath and relax.


The Democratic Party might have a female nominee come November, they might have an African American nominee come November and they might have a white male nominee come November (although far less likely).

It's exciting stuff. And historic.

So let's all enjoy it.

But if anyone expects that Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama will (or should) get an easier time from us - or anyone else - because she's a woman or he's black and the voters are just so excited by the possibility of their candidacy well, that's pretty stupid.

And it degrades how hard and how ably they both have worked to get where they are.

"Equal protection under the law" means that you stand up there and take your (fair) lumps along with everyone else. It's what makes America great.

And we haven't seen anything yet, from either campaign directed at the other, that ain't a "fair lump".

We're just saying.