Monday, January 14, 2008

A Playwright's Take On The Constitution

New York Magazine has a Q & A will David Mamet about Mamet's new play, November.

It's worth a quick glance. If only for the final question and answer:

Q: You’re almost starting to sound cynical again.

A: The good news is it’s a spectacular country. We’ve been around for 230 years in spite of human nature, because that’s what the Constitution is all about. It’s saying, of course everyone’s gonna try and take control. Of course they’re gonna subvert every law that’s supposed to keep them in line. Of course the president is gonna want to be imperial, of course Congress is gonna want to become obstructionist, of course the judges are gonna be activist. Duh. They figured this out in 1787 and drew up a few sheets of paper that have kept the country in line. It’s a great place to live.