Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meanwhile, Over In Georgia, Is Mike Huckabee A "Jimmy Carter Type Christian"?

So say the Alabama Defenders.

In a Alabama Defenders' anti-Huck email making the rounds in Georgia.

Ironic isn't it?

Noted: Georgia is a February 5th state.

Our Georgia source claims that the Thompson campaign is pushing the Defender email around. And, the copy of the Defender email that we saw has a official Thompson fundraising email attached to it.

But, since anyone can copy and paste anything into emails, we hesitate to say that Thompson's campaign is in cahoots with the Defenders.

We just can't imagine that Fred Thompson is that crazy.

The Alabama Defender email (minus the full articles):

Subject: Mike Huckabee - Liberal Christian Choice

Mike Huckabee claims to be a pro-life born again Christian. Yet he appears to be a Jimmy Carter type Christian.

Below are excerpts from 3 Articles.

1. Ann Coulter provides information that reflects that the actions of Governor Huckabee are not that of a conservative Christian and very pro illegal immigration.

2. Rush Limbaugh says about Mike Huckhabee "He's just not a conservative".

3. Chuck Baldwin, former Vice-Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, says, "Christians Beware of Mike Huckbabee."

President and Founder of Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly questions the conservative credentials of Mike Huckabee.

Read more details:
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