Monday, January 28, 2008

Florida Hardball

This morning Team McCain dropped a lengthy research memo on Mitt-Flop's flip-flops on the issues of climate change and the gas tax.

You have to give the skeletal (but still very effective) McCain communications shop credit, they have owned the last 48 hours of the news cycle and it now looks like, with the release of the memo, that they might very well own the last 36 hours going into tomorrow's Florida primary.

Saturday night into Sunday it was all about the Crist endorsement.

Sunday into Monday it was all about Mitt Romney and timelines for Iraq.

Monday into Tuesday(?) it looks like it might be all about Romney being a flip-flopper.

Budding political/comm operatives take note, that's getting it done.

But Governor Romney so badly wants to talk about the economy!?!??!!

As they say down in Florida, "Tough Titties".

And with the Florida race locked in a virtual tie with about 36 hours to go, tough titties is not where Team Romney wants to be.