Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The NY Post Beats Rudy Like A Drum

The NY Post!

Noted: Wasn't Hiz Honor supposed to be friendly with the paper's owner or something?

Anyway, it's ugly.

Really ugly.

But, dare we say it, oh so true:

But there's only one GOP candidate that beats all the rest at being a loser: Rudy Giuliani.

He has perfected the art of underperforming to the point that his campaign now insists it was all part of his game plan.

He's been reduced to watching from the sidelines and praying for other people to lose - like McCain in Michigan so his momentum would be stalled - rather than getting in the game and winning himself.

In fact, Rudy's campaigned so badly that the latest poll shows him losing New Jersey, which had a front-row seat for his shining moment during 9/11.

Even fringe candidate Ron Paul - the million-to-one long shot everybody picks on to make themselves look good - is beating Giuliani.

Paul, who finished ahead of Giuliani in Michigan, currently has twice as much claim on the Republican nomination as "America's Mayor."

He's picked up two delegates.

Giuliani? He's got just one.

We smell a rock reference.

Take it away Beck!