Friday, August 15, 2008

The Europeans (And Americans) Are Finding That It's Pretty Hard To Tell Your Drug Dealer To "F*ck Off"

Ah, the old ways of doing business in the energy sector!

Ah, the way it drives the West's foreign policy!

What an absolute BITCH!

If you want to understand 9/10ths of Europe's underwhelming response to Russia's invasion and occupation of a sovereign state friendly with the EU and the USA, look no further than this quote on last night's NewsHour by The Heritage Foundation's Ariel Cohen:

Europe is already very dependent on Russian gas. One-third of European oil comes from Russia, 40 percent, in some cases, 99 percent of gas.
Noted: The whole NewsHour segment is worth the long listen or read.

Hey, it's hard for an addict to stand up to their dealer.

Hey, it's hard for the Europeans to go after their energy pusher, even when that energy pusher has invaded and occupied a friendly sovereign state.


Well, at least we American know what that's like.

Right Saudi Arabia?

Is anyone else tired of this?

Does anyone else think it's time for a Apollo-type crash program to move us off of fossil fuels entirely?

You betcha.