Thursday, August 28, 2008

IF Tim Pawlenty Is McCain's VP Pick, Remember 10/08/07 (UPDATED)

In October 2007, while John McCain was still HEMORRHAGING political support, Tim Pawlenty flew to Manchester, NH to do a political event on McCain's behalf in Fairlee, VT.


The state with negative electoral votes.

For a campaign event that took Governor Pawlenty well over 10 hours to complete if you include fly and drive time.

But, as Mr. Pawlenty was finally being dropped off at his hotel after a very looong day, he turned to Team McCain's Jim Barnett and said, "I'd like to do more, please let me know how I can do that."

That was in October of 2007.

When 3/4ths of the Republican Party was saying, "John? John Who?"

We know that this happened because we were in the car with the Governor on that trip.

Bottom line - Tim Pawlenty is qualified to be Vice President for any number of reasons.

As are most of the folks rumored to be on McCain's short list.

But we hope that Pawlenty's respect for, and loyalty to, John McCain puts the Minnesota Governor over the top in the Veepstakes.

Fingers. Crossed.

(UPDATED) A longtime reader writes to remind us that Tim Pawlenty is the "clear" choice of McCain loyalists who have ridden the '08 campaign roller coaster from the beginning.

Don't we know it.