Monday, August 18, 2008

On A Democratic Majority, Our National Debt & The Documentary I.O.U.S.A

We argue - and have since the summer of '06 - that the current Democratic Party is just as bankrupt as the current Republican Party.

Both parties are hobbled by terrible leadership, bad spending priorities, few new ideas, graft, corruption and a dumbing down of the Congressional rank and file brought on by hyper redistricting.

The rot is just easier for the minority party Democrats to hide.

But the minority party Democrats (aka "we only control the Congress by a slim majority and not the White House, Wee! Wee! Wee!" Democrats) might shortly control everything about everything here in Washington.

And then it will be time to for them to govern.

Not campaign. Govern.

No place to hide and all that.

And then the only question will be is do the Democrats have the nuts (or, excuse us Ms. Pelosi, the ovaries) to do something about our national debt, which is the greatest national security threat that our country currently faces.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Remember, though this is a "change election", the current Democratic Congressional leadership has been in Washington since about 1743.

So, time will tell.

Until then, we direct our readership to the Dallas Morning News's write-up of the new documentary I.O.U.S.A.

To watch a preview of the documentary here:

And to watch David Walker on 60 Minutes last year:

And yeah, we're going to continue pushing this issue just as hard as we can.