Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Colin Powell, Barack Obama & Bill Kristol EVER Being Right

Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama! Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama!

Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!

Well, maybe.

But then again, maybe not.

Go beyond the inflammatory Fox headline and read story graphs 3, 4, 5 & 6:

“This is not an absolute done deal, but these people are very confident that Powell will endorse Obama,” Kristol said, adding that he thinks Powell, a Republican, still has “a high respect” for John McCain, Obama’s Republican rival.

Powell spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino strongly denied the report.

“There’s absolutely no truth to it whatsoever,” Cifrino told “Colin Powell will not be at either convention. There’s absolutely no truth to this.”

Roll Call executive editor Mort Kondracke, also a FOX News contributor, said he personally has spoken with Powell, who denied the report and said he has made no endorsement decisions, according to Kondracke.

It looks to us like there is a 98% chance that Bill Kristol doesn't know what hell he is talking about.


And, if this rumor turns out not to be true, can somebody please explain to us why people still take Bill Kristol seriously?