Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back After The 06' Bloodletting & Ready to Rumble In 08'!

Ever since the GOP's mid-term "thumping" last month I have spent my days trying to figure out how Hastert/Frist/Bush/Rove/Cheney/Rumsfeld could have gotten it oh so achingly wrong.

I imagine that the Gang of 6's election year platform of increased federal spending, staying the course in Iraq, anti-gay marriage/anti-flag burning amendments and ethics "reform" far weaker than anything the Democrats tried to move in the final years before their Congressional empire collapsed in the early 90s, always had the POSSIBILITY of rallying the troops.

But, only if you were working in an Oval Office/Capitol Hill/Pentagon/Undisclosed Location bubble surrounded by "Yes-Men" advisers who are living their lives as though the great media cycles of 2002 were on a never ending loop.


The Gang of 6 has become the Gang of 3 Lame Ducks.


The good news for everyone else is that 08' is right around the corner. Why dwell in the past?