Friday, December 29, 2006

McCain Campaign Continues To Do Everything Right, Picks Up Key South Carolina Supporter

Over the last 24 hours Monday Morning Clacker has been all about John Edwards.

Hey, when you get an opportunity to sit down and interview a presidential candidate approximately 25 seconds after he declares his intention to run, well, it tends to focus your senses.

And, my 20 minutes with John Edwards today in Portsmouth, New Hampshire did not disappoint.

You will get the details of my interview with Edwards here tomorrow.

Hint - Edwards' take on funding for the Iraq War doesn't jive with Pat Leahy's take on funding the war.

The Democrats are splitting on what to do about Iraq? Suprise, suprise.

And yes, I will be providing pictures of the entire affair like the good little cutting-edge Blogger that I am. And, for my very good (and maybe skeptical friends) in the traditional media, well, I have audio tapes of the interview.

In the meantime, I offer this little nugget of information that is guranteed to give Romney and Giuliani (if he were actually planning on running but he's not) and Huckabee FITS.

Yesterday, in the mad shuffle to get ready to interview Edwards, I neglected to mention the McCain press release that I got.

Yesterday McCain's campaign announced the endorsment of South Carolina House Speaker Pro Tempore Doug Smith of Spartanburg.

That's South Carolina. Yeah, it's an important state in 2008.

This news is good for McCain. Terrible for every other GOP candidate running for President.

John McCain and John Weaver continue to run a picture perfect campaign. Much to the horror of everyone that isn't on Team McCain.