Monday, December 18, 2006

John Weaver Gives Grover Norquist Some "Straight Talk" As Robert Novak Tries Desperately To Prove That He's Still Relevant

Grover Norquist, the "anti-tax activist" who doubles as a wing-nut conservative with delusions of grandeur almost surpassing my own, announced recently that U.S. Senator John McCain had reached out to him to end their long feud.

This was, unfortunately for Norquist, news to John McCain, who responded to Norquist's claims by asking his top political advisor, John 'The Sledgehammer' Weaver, to "take care of it".

"I think (Norquist) is just lonely with (disgraced lobbyist) Jack Abramoff gone to prison," said Sledgehammer to Roll Call, casually kicking one of Norquist's testicles up into his stomach.

"I think that he's probably just sad, lonely and delusional. Only when he has pimped himself enough with reporters does his name even come up," concluded Sledgehammer, kicking Norquist's second testicle even further up into his stomach.

You mess with the bull and you are bound to get the horns. The Roll Call account of the flap can be found here:

Robert Novack, the aging columnist who managed to isolate just about everyone with his Valerie Plame behavior, ran the Sledgehammer/Norquist story in his column today. It can be found here:

Novack added new "spin" to the story by claiming that "others" in the McCain operation "questioned the language" Weaver used to slap down Norquist (no one questioned the assertion).


"Others" in the McCain operation telling Robert 'Radioactive Blabbermouth' Novack that they "questioned" Weaver's judgement?

I don't think so.

First, McCain's operation is like a large family where the top staff all know and like one another. They are famous for being able to keep their disagreements "in the family".

This is quite different from Mitt Romney's operation. Governor Big Love's internal disagreements are often fought out "on the record". One would think that a man who can juggle multiple wives could handle multiple egotistical staff but it turns out not.

Second, it's John Weaver. He didn't get the nickname "Sledgehammer" for nothing. It's a lesson that some in official Washington continue to learn the hard way.